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aka <3 Melissa  :D

  • I live in Earth,duh! O_o
  • My occupation is doin' nothin', i'm only 14 dude....:P
  • I am pretty sure tht i'm a chick...last time i checked i was...^ - ^
  • O o confused babe

    i've been on other wikias and most of them have pages that say innuendos about episodes about the show.

    so should we make a page like tht?

    i don't even know why i'm making a blog just for this, but whteva! u kno me, i can be crazy! :D

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  • O o confused babe

    SO... how was the episode?

    i thought it was pretty good..left a lot of questions go unanswered...i like tht..:)

    wht questions do U have unanswered? :O

    • Do u think Finn is meant to be with FP, or is it just a little crush, tht they go out for a while, but then they decide to break up?
    • Who do u think Finn is meant to be with?
    • From a scale from 1-10, how would u rate this episode? : o

    tht's all i got for now...:)

    • What do questions do YOU think will be answered in the upcoming season?
    • What do you want to happen in Season 4? (which is not the series finale) (some people mistaked this as the series finale)

    tht's it 4 now! :D

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  • O o confused babe

    i've been at the Episode Guide lately and i've noticed tht the ratings on the episodes have been going higher! :D

    If u look at the episodes from Season 1 and 2, there are a lot of them tht only have about 1 million views.

    But in Season 3, there are only like 2-3 episodes that have ratings tht low.

    I"m happy tht Adventure Time has been gettin' more popular over time. ^ - ^

    If pnly there was some way tht AT could be advertised in other channels, cuz i've never seen it being in commercials on other channels.....:(

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  • O o confused babe

    I've been thinking lately...if Finn will ever grow up to be 18 like at the end of the series or something.

    It's been confirmed by Adam Muto tht Finn is growing up throughout the tht could mean tht he might turn 14 in the upcoming season.

    These r the things tht have been in my mind lately......^ - ^

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  • O o confused babe

    I've seen that the average episode gets about 2 million views. It seems like a lot, but actually, compared to other shows on other channels, (such as Nickelodeon) it's nothing. For example, in shows like iCarly, they get more than 3 million views on every episode! D:

    Does anybody know how to make Adventure Time MORE popular?!

    i want this series to last a LONG TIME!!!like maybe up to 8-9 years, like some of the shows that were popular on CN. =)

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