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As you are aware, in the conclusion of season 3 and the opening of season 4, we were happily greeted with a new addition to the Adventure Time cast. This character would assumedly be Finn's new love interest. Her title is Flame Princess (although we do not know her true name [or if she even has one{I wouldn't expect a lot of background information to go along with such a totally un-kinky character (What brackets do I use past that?)}]). This new lively addition at first seemed like a blessing.

Alas, after weeks of waiting for the second part of "Incendium" it was made apparant that this was not to be. Flame Princess turned out to be an utterly forced 'ship' and was by no means an improvement upon the already quite refined and well made cast. Her attitude made her totally dislikable: girlish rages, immature behaviour and constant mood swings made it impossible to take her seriously and thus resulted in a totally unrealistic character. Her 'powers' are cliche at best, and extremely inconsistent. Overpowered at best and utterly nerf'd into oblivion at worst.

There are many fans of this so called... Flame Princess, you'll find many of them to be complacent sheeple or for want of a better word 'mainstream' (I refuse to call people out by name as I find it rude and unnoficial [Though I will disclose the first letter 'F' of an example's name {It may or may not end with 'lame Prince Finn'}]). Their reasons for her being their favorite character reign from "Her voice is cute!" To the ridiculous "SHE'S HOT!!!! XDDDDD." This clearly shows they tend to be extremely immature, or easily pleased. Truly, to be a fan of Flame Princess you must be eaisly pleased. With such flaws only a father could love (nope her father doesn't even love her) and such a terrible fanbase, she is truly the most horrible thing that has ever happened to Adventure Time. Yes, even worse than "Dream of Love." ...okay that last bit was a tad mean, I take that back. "Dream of Love" was freaking terrible...

I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have writing it, I'd be more than grateful if you sent $10 by mail t voiced your opinions in the comments section.

Oh yeah, and don't take this seriously. It would be a shame if you ruined a perfectly legitimate conversation with insults and other immaturity

Yours forever, Main icon PB Marceline the Radical Dame Main icon M 11:09, June 2, 2012 (UTC)

PS: If you do get mad, feel free to make me feel bad about my choice of character. As long as you direct the buttrage at me :P

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