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    Profile Contest

    May 20, 2012 by M1870

    This is a contest to see who has the best profile on AT wiki. From M1870 21:32, May 20, 2012 (UTC)


    • You must have a profile
    • It has to have at least one picture that is not your avatar pic
    • And it can't have no bad words or drugs or sexual things

    Only the first 30 people that sign in "I'm in" can enter the contest. After that 20 will be taken off by me and the top ten will stay. The people will vote out 5 of the ten and the people will vote again to see who is the winner out of the 5 people.

    Entering begins now. First 30 only.

    Ok the people who are in the contest are

    • Marcaline
    • DudeWhoPlays A.T.Music
    • Andre787
    • AdventurerCP
    • Wotter Power
    • M1870
    • 870you
    • Marshall Lee
    • Sparda495
    • FionnaFan
    • Anna the AT sonic anime fan
    • Katari12
    • Sweet Princess
    • Spartan--1…
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