Seriously guys, when you go "Adventure Time sucks" or "Adventure Time is called Adventure Time, not Romance Time" or something like that, wut. People all have different opinions, but I mean, seriously, don't make blogs about how you think it sucks, because I'm kinda getting hurt because people are insulting some great episodes (in my opinion).

People are also saying Season 5 has too much romance and not enough adventure... Oh let's see...

The following are episodes that have more action than romance featured, have balance action and romance and/or where Finn and Jake (or others) go on an adventure:

  • Finn the Human
  • Jake the Dog
  • Five More Short Graybles
  • Up a Tree
  • Mystery Dungeon
  • All Your Fault
  • Little Dude
  • Vault of Bones
  • The Great Birdman
  • SImon and Marcy
  • A Glitch is a Glitch
  • Puhoy
  • BMO Lost
  • James Baxter the Horse
  • The Party's Over, Isla de Señorita
  • Another Five More Short Graybles
  • Wizards Only, Fools
  • Be More
  • Sky Witch
  • Too Old
  • Time Sandwich
  • The Vault
  • Love Games
  • Dungeon Train
  • Red Starved
  • We Fixed a Truck
  • The Pit
  • James

Now, the ones with more romance than action and/or feature balance romance and action:

  • All the Little People
  • Bad Little Boy
  • Vault of Bones
  • Puhoy
  • BMO Lost
  • The Suitor
  • The Party's Over, Isla de Señorita
  • Jake Suit
  • Frost & Fire
  • Earth & Water
  • Love Games

The following are just there:

  • Jake the Dad
  • Davey
  • Shh!
  • Candy Streets
  • Box Prince
  • Root Beer Guy

I don't get it, why are people complaining about romance?

Something else, people are complaining about "bland storylines," please state which Season 5 episodes have bad storylines, I would really like to see if they take up most of Season 5 (which I can't prove so far):

Now, any questions?


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