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  • M0T0RB1K3

    This wiki is amazing.

    February 15, 2014 by M0T0RB1K3

    Guys, I'd just like to say that you're all awesome people, I just wanted to say this because I suddenly got the urge to. This is an amazing community, I just wake up and go onto my computer and see you guys having fun, messing around, and arguing, but I love it. It makes me smile, whether you're spamming random pictures, having a warm, friendly debate, trying to convince everbody your ship is the best or making up stupid theories, I may be mean at some times, but hey, that's my character. No matter how annoying, weird, or mean you are, I love you guys.

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  • M0T0RB1K3

    Hey guys, great news! Jessica DiCicco, FP's voice actor will be doing an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit, a humour site (way better than 9gag or 4chan), you'll be able to ask her anything (if she has any pets, her favorite food, experience on the show, etc.) but probably not spoilers, you'll have to make an account (if you haven't already) to be able to ask her this.


    She'll be on the subreddit IAmA at 1pm PST (in a few hours, so don't miss it!) on the 12th, which is today!

    Natasha Allegri and Fred Seibert also have done one before, but unfortunately, they aren't answering anymore, but here's thelink in case you want to have a look: h…

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  • M0T0RB1K3

    Seriously guys, when you go "Adventure Time sucks" or "Adventure Time is called Adventure Time, not Romance Time" or something like that, wut. People all have different opinions, but I mean, seriously, don't make blogs about how you think it sucks, because I'm kinda getting hurt because people are insulting some great episodes (in my opinion).

    People are also saying Season 5 has too much romance and not enough adventure... Oh let's see...

    The following are episodes that have more action than romance featured, have balance action and romance and/or where Finn and Jake (or others) go on an adventure:

    • Finn the Human
    • Jake the Dog
    • Five More Short Graybles
    • Up a Tree
    • Mystery Dungeon
    • All Your Fault
    • Little Dude
    • Vault of Bones
    • The Great Birdman
    • SImon and Marcy
    • A…
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  • M0T0RB1K3

    New Wiki Theme?

    September 13, 2013 by M0T0RB1K3

    So, I created this blog because nobody else seemed to create a blog about this so, yeah.

    As you know, we've had this wiki theme around for a long time, look at da clouds, and da beautiful wiki banner, da beautiful website icon, da beautiful Nightosphere chat, and da beautiful colors.

    So, I think it's time for a change. Does anyone agree? It's time we change the colors, the background, and all the other stuff I mentioned. We have this white thing, where our content is displayed on, but I think it would look nicer as a different color (matching with a new background).

    Any suggestions?

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  • M0T0RB1K3

    This wiki needs fun activities, although this wiki has to concentrate on the perfection of articles, I think users should be cut some slack, test your knowledge on the Flippin' Hard Adventure Time Quizzes - Week 1. There will be new quizzes each week.

    1. What keys did Wilberry Princess have to play in the episode: "Prisoners of Love"?
    2. In what episode did Flame Princess have her jewel missing from her forehead as an error?
    3. What is Pendleton Ward's favorite game on the Nintendo DS?
    4. Who designed the backgrounds for Adventure Time and when did he leave the show?
    5. What color were the two Woobeewoo that held up the chief Woobeewoo in "The Hard Easy"?

    When you answer these questions, I will tell you how many you got correct, and how many you got wrong, but …

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