Princess Bubblegum patiently drummed her dainty little pink fingers on the lever, humming to herself as she calmly looked through the glass of the chamber. Inside of the chamber lay Lemongrab, unconscious. Although his skin was exceedingly hard, it only took a well-aimed punch to the throat to incapacitate him. The young princess smiled, excited for the positive breakthrough she was about to make with him.

Gradually, he stirred. He sat up and rubbed at his throat, and gasped. He asked where he was.

"You," said the princess happily, "are in your Reconditioning Chamber. I designed it to administer a series of harmless electric shocks, which should calm you down, and possibly rid you of your temper problem."

Lemongrab frantically ran to the door of the chamber and tried to open it, but it was locked tightly.

"You will recieve two to three units of juice now," Princess Bubblegum said to him. "Don't struggle- if you stay still, it will hurt less."

She calmly pulled the lever back, and the floor of the chamber glowed. Almost immediatelty, the earl began to violently seizure and scream, foam and saliva spraying from his mouth.

"Hmmm..." the princess said to herself softly, touching her upper lip with one finger. "This seems to be having the opposite neurological effect. Maybe... more units? Seven?"

She pulled the lever back an additional few inches, and watched with placid thoughtfulness as the earl convulsed and contorted in ways that she did not think were possible. His face leaked with tears and other fluids. Eventually, he collapsed, and just lay on the floor of the chamber, screaming until his throat was raw.

When he was unable to do anything else, Princess Bubblegum moved the lever to its original location. She stepped down from the platform and opened the door of the chamber. Lemongrab lay on the floor, unable to do anything but make soft, pained cooing noises like an injured pigeon.

Princess Bubblegum began to pick him up. "Up you go, you great useless lug," she said in a gentle teasing tone, as she draped the heavy figure over her back. She carried him to his bedroom and tenderly tucked him in.

"I'll be back tomorrow for your next therapy session," said the princess, giving the earl a pat on his big yellow head. "I think we made pretty good progress today!" He drooled.

She smiled, and quietly shut the bedroom door. As she left the castle, she took a key from her pocket and locked the front door. This way, she could insure that there would be another session tomorrow, same time, no interference.

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