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    Princess Bubblegum patiently drummed her dainty little pink fingers on the lever, humming to herself as she calmly looked through the glass of the chamber. Inside of the chamber lay Lemongrab, unconscious. Although his skin was exceedingly hard, it only took a well-aimed punch to the throat to incapacitate him. The young princess smiled, excited for the positive breakthrough she was about to make with him.

    Gradually, he stirred. He sat up and rubbed at his throat, and gasped. He asked where he was.

    "You," said the princess happily, "are in your Reconditioning Chamber. I designed it to administer a series of harmless electric shocks, which should calm you down, and possibly rid you of your temper problem."

    Lemongrab frantically ran to the door…

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    Finn and Princess Bubblegum are the parents of Stormo. Finn and Ice King are the parents of NEPTR. Finn and Magi are the parents of Little Dude.

    Jake and Lady Rainicorn are the parents of the Corndogs. Jake and Lady Rainicorn are the uncle and aunt of Finn's children.

    Princess Bubblegum is the parent of the Lemongrabs. Princess Bubblegm and Finn are the parents of Stormo. Princess Bubblegum is the grandmother of the Lemon Children.

    The Lemongrabs are the parents of the Lemon Children.

    This is really confusing so a more complex chart would be appreciated.

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    What are your Favorite Adventure Time episodes of each season? I've been thinking about this since everyone asks, "What's your favorite season?" and I can't pick just one, because my favorite episodes sre sprawled out all over the place.

    Here are mine!

    Season 0

    The Pilot

    Season 1

    Trouble in Lumpy Space

    The Jiggler

    Ricardo the Heart Guy

    When Wedding Bells Thaw

    Freak City

    The Duke

    Season 2

    Blood under the Skin


    Crystals Have Power

    The Other Tarts

    The Silent King

    The Real You

    Guardians of Sunshine

    Susan Strong

    Mystery Train

    Belly of the Beast

    The Limit

    Mortal Folly/Recoil

    Season 3


    Too Young

    The Monster


    Wizard Battle

    Fionna and Cake


    Thank You

    Holly Jolly Secrets II

    Season 4

    Dream of Love

    Return to the Nightosphere

    Princess Monster Wife



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         The curtains were parted slightly, letting into the room the soft, gentle afternoon sun.  Beyond the muted green drapes, Lemongrab had a pretty nice view of the Candy Castle. He wondered if Mother Princess could see him. Munch-Wag, one of the little ones who slightly resembled a goat, comfortably rested on the earl’s lap. Lemongrab alternated between gently rubbing the child’s head, and grabbing fistfuls of lemon candies from the table. At this point, he was healthily plump and nearly up to his former weight.

         In his cozy stupor, he absent-mindedly stared down at the pile of lemon candy. Then he looked at the Candy Castle, imagining that dear young Mom was building something. He glanced down at sleepy Munch-Wag, who occasionally flick…

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    The year is 2013. We have gays in the military, homosexuals getting married, and famous celebrities coming out of the closet to both supportive and volatile audiences. Our president is proudly supportive of equal rights for LGBT people, and our media certainly shows this. Gay movies, gay books, gay television shows, gay music. However, it is interesting to know that although LGBT themes pervade most aspects of the media openly and proudly, they seem to very much shy away from media oriented to children. The reason for this is because parents find gay, bisexual, and transgender themes to be “too confusing” for children to understand, and that Is solely an “adult issue” that should not be puzzling or frightening the children. Others have gon…

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