aka John

  • I live in Illinois, USA
  • I was born on December 10
  • My occupation is Student; Retail, Historian
  • I am Male
  • JohnVMaster

    Hey guys. Long time lurker, long time viewer, but don't post here much. Being blunt. I hate to talk down to you guys when I'm a newbie but this is kind of needed.

    I'm really sick of coming here every time and one of the top pages is usually a blog post about Flame Princess or Princess Bubblegum, almost always with half the comments being just obsessive posts for the other side to STOP HATIN' AND GET OVER IT, GLOB. You know, the Adventure Time fandom looks so, so attractive, and then I see all this shipping junk and it makes me feel like hanging around here is a total waste of time. And I'm sure it's not. I'm sure there's plenty of absolutely fantastic people here who are being overlooked in all this drama, so first let me say...

    Can we shut …

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