Adventure Time is known for some pretty weird events and a whole cast of wacky characters, but we're looking for the most oddly awesome Adventure Time moments that you can think of! Whether it's Lemongrab eating his own twin or a deer that can stand on two feet with a penchant for licking and collecting candies, we wanted to know some of the weirdest, but strangely amazing, things that YOU remember from the series.

With six whole seasons to choose from, the possibilities are endless, so see what fans picked out and the fun facts related to those moments!


FACT: In the "Mystery Dungeon" episode, it is revealed that, when Lemongrab is squeezed, lemon juice comes out of him, which is like Lemongrab's "essence." Read more >>

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FACT: Snorlock, who Finn and Jake are trying to help find a lady snail, realizes he's actually a slug in this episode. Read more >>

Jake PB-handkiss

FACT: The episode this scene appears in, "A Glitch is a Glitch," is the first Adventure Time episode to be released on April Fool's Day. Read more >>

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FACT: Princess Bubblegum uses "candy life" to bring all her candies to life. The Lemongrabs used it poorly and she had to erase the formula from their brains. Read more >>


FACT: The Cosmic Owl also appears in Finn's dreams, and its design was actually based on the reflection of light off a urinal at Cartoon Network Studios. Read more >>


FACT: Her first words were "Dad, the manual's a bunch a junk. Just give us a chance." Read more >>

Everything's normal

FACT: Jake looks like he's not wearing any clothes all the time, but he actually wears transparent pants spun from spider webs by pixies! Read more >>


FACT: Slime Princess is Pendleton Ward's favorite princess because she has a "hot lady voice." Read more >>


FACT: The car that Jake transforms to is a 1980 Isuzu Gemini Coupe, but the steering wheel is on the right side, which is what most Australian/Japanese cars have. Read more >>


FACT: The Head Clown Nurse seems to really enjoy kissing Finn's foot even though he is very uncomfortable around them. Read more >>

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