I worried that adventure time may start going way down hill. Season 4 has probly been the worst season so far, I still really liked it but somethings happening to adventure time that ruins alot of cartoons. Its forgeting what made it funny in the first place. Finn and Jake save princess's (from the Ice king) usally, Now we barely see the Ice king. Finn had a crush on PB and she was playful about it and it was cute and funny. Now its all seriousness with flame princess. I feel like adventure time peaked with Marcilines Closet, which was one of favs. I also think this was the last super good episode. Sons of mars was probly the best of season four. Also it used to always follow Finn and Jake, Now they follow tons of different characters . well i still love adventure time, i just hope it doesnt forget what made poeple love it in the first place. Any thoughts?

I'm really worried now that LR is having puppies. shes funny in small bits but not a lot. Like in "lady and peebles" she talkes in Koren for like a whole minute and its like why? its not funny cuz theres not even subtitles. Oh, AT, whats going on!!!!!!


Season 5 has had almost No apperences from Mracy or LSP. It had a few good episodes but most just filler. Will adventure time ever just have it's plain simple awesome concept back. Finn has a crush on PB, has to stop Ice king from capturing her, and does it all with the help of his magic dog. Just bring back what made us love the show in the first place. PLEASE AT CREW

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