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EwanWithLazers EwanWithLazers 19 December 2012

The Square Brackets

Credits to this. For giving this Idea.

Note: This is only a Fanfic, no material is considered canon.

  • 1 The Square Bracket: Prolouge
  • 2 The Square Bracket: The Revelation Part 1
  • 3 The Square Bracket: The Revelation Part 2
    • 3.1 The Square of Punishment.
  • 4 The Square Bracket: The Path of Despair
  • 5 The Square Bracket: The King of Deceit

 There was a huge explosion, that was so massive, it divided the Square Bracket into two different sides, The Left Square Bracket, and the Right Square Bracket. Both brackets have waged war at each other since the day of that explosion, and even then at present times, their collisions against each other has some effect in the ''"Land of Ooo"

But, there was one person from the "Material Square Bracket" which is the original Squa…

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EwanWithLazers EwanWithLazers 20 July 2012

Leaving the Wiki

I will be leaving the Wiki for personal reasons.I'll stay for at least a week or so.I'll never forget the memories that all of you have given me.Farewell.If you really want to know why im leaving PM me.Altough I will only say it to selected people.I am Really sure that you can do well without me guys.See ya!

  • DognamedJake
  • Blaugh
  • Nihi
  • Randomced
  • Saber
  • Katari
  • FPF
  • Littleghostprankster
  • Jan the human
  • UndeuxTrois
  • AdventureCP
  • Marshall Lee (and other Mlee's)
  • Ruby Flame ( Fionna the Cat)
  • Andre
  • RandomKitten
  • Botista Agung
  • My Nickname Friends.

Blazing Arcanine' 09:27, July 20, 2012 (UTC) Blazing Arcanine' 09:27, July 20, 2012 (UTC) Blazing Arcanine' 09:27, July 20, 2012 (UTC)

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EwanWithLazers EwanWithLazers 14 July 2012

Downfall of PB

It was a dark and stormy night,Princess Bubblegum holds a chainsaw in her burn filled hands laughing in the rain.

a mysterious shadow filled in fire is at the ground lying.Princess Bubblegum also holds an evil smile and laughs maniacally in the Background.

12 hours before the Event.

Finn:Yo whadup Jake!

Jake:We are going to get a special Character on with our adventures.

Finn:but Who?

Jake:let's just say its a vehicle.

At the mysterious House.

???:Oh its you Finn,Jake.

Finn:Who are you?

???:I'm a Jelly Kart.A living one.


Jelly Kart:Lets go somewhere



Finn and Jake were riding on the jelly kart Chasing a shady Character in the Royal Tart Path.

And then he saw Flame Princess lying on the ground,dead.thrown by the shady person.…

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EwanWithLazers EwanWithLazers 14 June 2012

The Power OF the Fourth Dimension

Somewhere in Ooo

Arcanine:Sire. I have brought this "Thing" to you? Have any clue what it is?

FlamegumVQ:Could it be..........? It is! The Dimensional Bubble Blower!

With it......... (She speaks bout it for 45 mins)

Arcanine:(Yawns!!) Alright. What now?

FlamegumVQ:First off. I call Upon you power of 4th dimension!!! Show me your strength!!

4th Dimension Guide:Very well,Come forth Lolwy 3dimensional figures!

4th Dimension Assasin:You figures do realize you need to open another Portal to Enter?

Arcanine:Roar! I'll go do it....

(Arcanine Moves at Blazing Fast speed and Opened the Portal at The Tree Fort)

Arcanine:It is done.

4th Dimension Assassin:Excellente my Vigilante.

(Meanwhile in the Tree Fort)

Finn:Whoa Dude? What is that!

Jake:I dunno but I think i…

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EwanWithLazers EwanWithLazers 13 June 2012

Avatar Dominance... Who will win..

As We can see avatars have gone too Hard times.. Through preset once to Pre-AT generation.... and of course BRONY generation but... Now things have turned... Its a Contest for Dominance.. Show youre Avatar and youre Team!

Current Factions:





Other Shows (if you came from another show wiki first)

Tell me WHat dominates and Comment it All!!!

Post me Them opinoins

ME:All i can say the Bronie Has taken a Little Fall. and AT still dominates.... as its all since this is AT wiki what would i Expect.

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