Wow, you know, I always thought a Flinn break up would be forced, emotional, and lame, but this episode actually looks really fun and PB looks awesome xD I'm not sure how I feel about Finn chasing after PB again but I'm sure he'll fail so it's fine by me. Can't wait for this. The creators seem determined to just make this season the greatest season to ever exist in television history xD Thoughts?


Let's talk about that comics continuum preview, huh? So lemongrab 2 is still alive but is missing legs and a chunk from his head. So obviously Lemongrab didn't eat Lemongrab 2 whole but he ate some of him, I assume. However, there's no way he could've gotten so fat from just legs and a chunk, so how could he have gotten so large. I still think he ate some of his children as well. What do you think?

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