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Best Vocalist - MrCreampuff

Wiki Bureaucrat MrCreampuff here, bringing you Best Vocalist. What is a song without a vocalist? Yeah there are background songs with no lyrics, but what really makes (or breaks) a song is the singer. Many citizens of Ooo have very talented vocals, and we thought it best to celebrate them from singing all these wonderful songs! The nominations we got were:

And now, the winner for best vocalist is... Marceline!!!

Best Background Song - Queen of Ooo 1216

Hey everyone! It's your dramatic gay friendio Queen of Ooo here to tell you some cool things! Now, I think we can all agree that the background music in Adventure Time is one of the best things about the show! They really add to the mood of the show, and they just sound amazing! Plus, the names of them are just too great. Speaking of names of background music, it's time to name the winner! The nominations we got were:

And the winner of the best background song award is... Simon's Tale!!!

Best Marceline Song - Queen of Ooo 1216

Hey frendios! it's your pal Queen of Ooo, and I'm here to talk about some songy things! So, I would say that a lot of peoples fav Adventure Time songs are Marceline ones, which is understandable! I mean, come on! She writes the best songs in all of flipping Ooo! But what I'm here to do is tell you which one came out on top. Which one is the best of the best. And that's what I'm ganna do. The nominations we got were:

And the winner of the best Marceline song award is... Woke Up!!

Best Season 1+2 Song - Komodo737

Admin/Awesomeness generetor Komodo737 here, and proud to be on of the Music Hole Award announcers. Now let me just say that all of the songs in AT are amazing. We had a hard time finding the right songs to put into this category, but with help from out wonderful community we have come to a conclusion. The nominations we got were:

Without further ado, the winner of Best Season 1+2 Song of the 2021 Music Hole Awards is... Fry Song!!!

Best Season 3+4 Song - Komodo737

Hi everyone I am Komodo737 one of the amazing admins on this wiki, and proud to be one of the judges of this year's Music Hole Awards. These seasons gave us so many songs to choose one that we just barely squeezed in all of our favs, but with the help of our community, we have found our winner. The nominations we got were:

And now, the winner for Best Season 3+4 Song is... Remember You!!

Best Season 5+6 Song - Komodo737

Hey everyone, Komodo737 here, bringing you the news for best Season 5+6 song. These two seasons seemed to bring more songs than we've ever seen before, and it was very difficult to narrow it down to only 6. But with our wonderful community on our side, we managed to narrow it down to 6, and then again to 1. The nominations we got were:

And the winner for Best Season 5+6 Song is... Good Little Girl!

Best Season 7+8 Song - MrCreampuff

Puff here, with Best Season 7+8 Song. These two seasons brought some excellent songs to the bunch! With Stakes and Islands under its belt, how could it fail?! Seasons 7 and 8 may not have the most songs, but what it brings to the table is quality, and you know how the saying goes, "quality over quantity." But even with less songs in the bunch, these two seasons were still excellent in the musical department! The nominations we got were:

Now, the winner for Best Season 7+8 Song is... Everything Stays!!!

Best Season 9+10 Song - MrCreampuff

MrCreampuff here once again, bringing you Best Season 9+10 Song. Wowee, we're already at the end?! This is crazy! Just a little bit ago we were at season 1 and 2 and now... I need to sit down for a minute. But seriously, these 2 seasons brought some of the greatest songs in the entire series. Under its belt was Elements and Come Along With Me, as well as some other episodes with great songs. This one was tough, but with the help of you guys, we've found our winner. The nominations we got were:

And now, the winner for Best Season 9+10 Song is... Time Adventure!!!!

Best Short Song - Queen of Ooo 1216

Hey y'all! Queen of Ooo here, and I'm here to tell you about some Music Hole awards stuff! Yes yes, I know that long songs are always great, but do we give enough credit to the short ones? Like "Baby's Building A Tower Into Space," or "Three Nice Dudes"? Seriously, do we? I have no clue. You don't either? OK, well that's fine. I'll just tell you the winner and we can go on with our lives. The nominations we got were:

And the winner of the Best Short Song award is... Bacon Pancakes!!!

Best Emotional Song - Misunderstood Human

Human speaking now, to present the Best Emotional Song. This was probably the most contested battle of them all, but it really shows the dedication and variation of the Adventure Time Wiki. Emotional songs aren't just those that we enjoy listening to every now and then, but they also touch us in the heard. The nominations we got were:

Without further ado, the Best Emotional Song goes to... Remember You!!

Best Comedic Song - Misunderstood Human

There have been numerous comedic songs throughout the Adventure Time series, some iconic that have made it into other forms of media as well, which is one of the reasons for why it was listed as one of the categories for the Music Hole Awards this year. As we have laughed and felt joy while hearing these humorous tracks, only one was chosen fro standing out the most among WIki user. The nominations we got were:

And the Best Comedic Song for this year's Music Hole Awards is... Bacon Pancakes!!

Best IRL Composer - User:MrCreampuff

Puff again, giving you the scoop on Best IRL Composer. We give a lot of credit to the vocalists of this show for singing these wonderful songs, but it's time to give some credit to the people that wrote those songs. Whether they wrote emotional gutpunches or lighthearted background tracks, they were all great in our book. The nominations we got were:

And... the Best IRL Composer goes to... Rebecca Sugar!!!!

Best Duet - Misunderstood Human

THey say 2 is better than 1, but this only gets better when it's a couplet that's sung by Adventure Time characters. THe nominations we got were:

Being one of the greatest songs of the series and 2 iconic characters as well, the Best Duet chosen by the users of the Adventure Time Wiki is... My Best Friends in the World!!

Best Song - MrCreampuff

Hey there, your trusted wiki bureaucrat MrCreampuff here, giving you the news for Best Song. Now, how do you narrow down all of Adventure Timeś wonderful songs to just 6! And how do pick one to be THE BEST?! Every song nominated in this category is truly magical, matching the deeply emotional scenes they take place in. And even though we can only pick one, they are all winners in our heads. The nominations we got were:

And without further ado, the winner for BEST FREAKING SONG is............................... Time Adventure!!!

Thank you guys all so much for nominating, voting, and all around participating in this fun contest. Keep your eyes out for our fun wiki activity planned for June!