The first day I came on this wiki, was for Adventure Time puposes. I liked the website, so I decided to sign up. The day I signed up, I learned about blogs, and chat, and all of that kinda stuff. I went on a blog and saw some of the comments. Nothing there had anything to do with Adventure Time accept for the names. I mean, seriously? It is not the Adventure Time prob I am talking about, it is the language, and the fights, and the down right rudeness of us all. We should be ashamed of ourselves for being this way. Would you insult people and fight with them 24/7 in real life? I mean, i'm 11 and every time I go on the wiki I see at least 5 bad words. I am not saying everybody does it, and I am not saying that I don't do it either! I am just saying that can't we all just get along? We are all alike in many ways, for instance, we all love Adventure Time, we all like to fool around, and we all are crazy typers. I am saying that all the wacky nerds and the troublesome trolls can GET ALONG! I have learned how to make everyone love me, and whoever reads this freakishly long message can be loved too. Think about it, Adventure Time wiki with NO FIGHTS! That would be amazing. My dad (the poop that he is) doesn't let me on the wiki because of the things he has read, and I think it is kinda sad that I have to be hiding in my room, under my sheets typing crazy about how poopy this wiki is on my laptop. Swearing, pornography, fighting, trolling, is all bad. We can learn to stop. I hope all my friends,and foes, can make this blog popular and spread this message to all of the wiki! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!

~this message has been approved by Candy Princess!

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