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    Christmas Wishlist!

    December 2, 2012 by Blugo34


    Description Christmas is coming and I want to make this blog for everyone who loves the Holidays :D.

    Instructions 1. Just list down your Top 10 things you want for this coming Christmas season, it can be a thing or anything your heart's desire!!
    2. Add this template to the comments section and fill up the wishlist.

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    Adventure Time characters as far as the eye can see, characters from different episodes that we actually love and adore. Still, can you actually name them all?

    Please do the 1-25 first. But if you want you can finish it from 1- 100.

    This idea came from Andy Ristiano (Skronked), I just want to share to you guys this awesome game or contest, whatever it is.


    Andy removed the answer key though

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  • Blugo34

    Day 1- Favorite character

    • My favorite character would be LSP. So Lump Off! No need for futher explanation. K.

    Day 2- Favorite episode

    • My favorite would be "What was Missing," because you can see the trust and frendship between Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline. And Marceline's song, "I'm Just Your Problem, " is a song that I can relate to. :3

    Day 3- Character you wouldn’t mind being roommates with

    • A character I wouldn't mind being roommates would be Princess Bubblegum because I wub Science and Math. That is all. And I will not eat her hair XD

    Day 04 - Favorite genderbend character

    • My favorite genderbend character would be Fionna, because of her strong personality along with Cake, we can see that even though she's a girl, she is able to…

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  • Blugo34

    After Princess Bubblegum's experiment to revive dead candy peoplewith her decorpsinator, it goes horribly wrong. Finn is then assigned to protect the people of the Candy Kingdom until she can devise a cure.

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  • Blugo34


    August 6, 2012 by Blugo34

    Just tell me what character you want me to photoshop, and put what accessories you want, hair color, etc. Also, FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. I will do my best to have a good output, Thank You :3.

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