This is a little blog just to honor our very own Marcaline she has been in this wiki ever since anyone can remember. She has stood up to almost every user here and has spoken with bravery. Sadly a tragedy has happened to her and I, and most users, feel sad for her lost. (Nah, she didnt die, she got blocked for a month, still sad though).

She has stood up against rights of users! She protected us! Under all the circumstances and the risks she might have! This is a little thing to honor her bravery. A little thank you note from me, and the rest of you.

Remember how she defended Cheeze against that awful Wikiboy? She defended her first! And we all supported her! Remember how she defended Blugo against that ban by Mr. Saber about that awful Psfcw? We all supported her! And remember how she defended me against that ban by Mr. Saber for saying a new rule? The word bloody is an adjective! Not a cuss! Obviously. Come on people! Realize!

All the haters out there, go on say your words I don't care! This is where we RESPECT her BRAVERY and what she HAS DONE to STAND UP for all of us. Say a thank you at least. Maira, I will always love you (no lesbian relationship stuff intended)


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