Adventure Time: Lemographobia

Scene starts, BMO hiding behind the couch while Finn and Jake watch Lemongrab videos.

Finn: Oh! Oh! Look at the top-left corner of the screen! Look!

Finn laughs loudly

Jake: Dude, that's not funny. THIS IS!

Jake rewinds the video

Finn: Man, you keep showing me that part for like... 10 times!

Jake: Okay, I'll stop. Wait, where's BMO? BMO! Come here!

BMO: (Whispers) I'm not here!

Jake: You can't trick me!

Jake stretches and reaches BMO

BMO: Noooo! Don't show me Lemongrab! I am scared of him!

Finn and Jake: WHAAAAAAT?!


Finn: How are we going to get rid BMO's fear of lemongrab?

Jake: I know! Lets call the fear of lemongrab: Lemographobia!

Finn: Dude, not helpful but, good naming too!

Jake: So, what if we take some stuff and form a fake lemongrab!

Finn: Good! Let's go to Candy Kingdom!

Scene skips to the Candy Kingdom

Princess Bubblegum: BMO is scared of lemongrab?!

Jake: You mean, BMO got Lemographobia?!

PB: Lemographobia?!

Jake: Yeah, got a problem with that, Princess?

PB: No.

Jake: Hmmmmm....

Finn: Ok, let's get through this thing! How are we going to make the fake lemongrab?

Lemongrab and Lemongrab 2: Did somebody say Fake Lemongrab?!

All (except both lemongrabs): AHHH!

Lemongrab 2: We can help you.

Lemongrab: Mmmmm, yeah! You are our glob!

Finn: Whaat?

PB: They call me glob because I created them.

Finn: Okaay...

Jake: Let's get started!

Scene skips to the Castle with the finished product

Jake: Wow!

Finn: Awesome!

PB: What?

Everybody stares at a toilet seat

PB: Finn, it's a toilet seat and you call that awesome?

Lemongrabs: Yes, quite indeed!

Finn: Except you haven't seen the full thing!

Finn takes out a little fake BMO for test and places it like he is using the toilet seat

Jake presses a button

Finn: See, the toilet will suck BMO to the tube, places him in a room full of lemongrab pictures and videos.

Jake: And then, for 5 hours later, both lemongrabs will go to BMO and keep following him until his fear plops out!

Lemongrab: Sounds

Lemongrab: Interesting

PB: Sure!

Scene skips to the bathroom at Finn and Jake's tree fort

Finn: Jake, are you done with the pipes? PB, you done with the room?

Jake: Yeah

PB: Yes!

Finn: Wait, I here BMO! Hide!

Everybody hides

BMO takes a stool out

BMO: Welcome back, football!

Finn: (whispers) He is talking to himself again?!

Jake: (whispers) Creepy isn't it?


Jake grabs BMO, puts him in the toilet seat and presses the button

Jake: YAY!

Scene skips to the Room


Scene goes to the bathroom

Finn: Wanna watch BMO plop?

Jake: Sure

PB: Yeah

Scene skps to the room where Finn, Jale, PB and lemongrabs are watching

BMO: Gahagahgahgagghhhhhghghggaaaaagahhhaaaaaahggaaaa!

5 Hours Later


Finn: Doesn't BMO mean Kuala?

Jake: He is just nervous so he just said it


Door opens, lemongrabs appear

BMO sees the lemongrabs, BMO makes a terrified face with a shadow

BMO: (breathes heavily) GAHHHHHHH

BMO: Error 999 ocurred: Shut Down for: 1 minute less than a certain time

BMO: Just kidding, it is 1000 hours less than 1001hours which is 1 hour

1 hour later

BMO: Opening

BMO: Hi lemongrab! Wait, lemongrab?! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

BMO screaming while something dropped

Finn: What's this?

Finn reads and observes the stuff

Finn: It is a data card!

Finn reads

Finn: The name of the card is, Lemongraphobia?! (Finn keeps reading) Wait, the type of this card is a phobia card?!

PB: Destroy it quick! My ear drums are exploding because of BMO's scream!

Finn: Okay

Finn breaks the card


BMO: ah..

BMO: ....

BMO: Activating calm system

Finn: phew!

Jake: Yay! Now I can sleep, and I want Sassage!

BMO: Okay!

BMO accidentally presses the 'Phobia Setter' which sets of a phobia on the person he/she is looking at. For this case, BMO is looking at Jake.

BMO: Phobia...generating! Brbrbrbriiihhhhhhhhisshhh!

Finn: Oh no, who is it this time?

BMO: AHHHHH! Get Jake away from me!

Finn: Oh glob.

The End

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