Mystical mystic

Chapter 1:Mystic

Dear readers,

I made a fictional character just to add on the fun to this article. This is my first fan fic Story about Adventure time Hope you like it


AdventurerCP aka Xion

As the adventurers (finn and jake) traveled to the Candy Kingdom there was suddenly a Ball of light. The ball of light then opened and threw a human out of its mouth. Finn was amazed of what he had seen for he thought that he was the only human alive in the land of Ooo then another adventure starts for our two young heroes:

Finn: Mathematical!!! A HUMAN!!

Jake: Cool, bro but I thought you WERE the only human alive in Ooo

Human: Ugh, my head hurts.

Jake: (whispers to Finn) Dude she’s awake

Finn: Shush dude!!!

Human: Who are you?? Where am I??

Finn: I’m Finn and his Jake were adventurers

Jake: And this is a land of Ooo

Human: AHHHH!!!!! A talking Dog!!!

Finn: Chill his not going to hurt you .

Human: (looking at her watch) Oh NO!!! I’m in another dimension!!!!

Finn:??!!?? What??!??

Human: ohh I’m Mystic and I’m a sorceress from the human dimension.

Finn: Human dimension???

Mystic: There‘s not much time left before another dimension mix in with yours.

Jake: Another dimension?? MIX IN?? That’s impossible.

Mystic: Direct me to your kingdom.

Finn: Wait!!!answer our questions first.

Mystic: Maybe later Direct me to your kingdom before it’s too late.

Finn and Jake: Candy Kingdom!!!!!

So Finn and Jake directed Mystic to the Candy kingdom

to be continued

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