Chapter 1:

I was awaken by a noise coming from the outside

It was like something just opened

well at first I ignored it but curiousity had the best of me

I was annoyed and some how scared, it was 3 in the morning

I got up,put on my slippers and my jacket

it was cold,very cold,

I walk up to the door and opened it

"Hello?" i said

I scanned the house, no one was awake

I gathered strength and decided to go outside

before i open the door I thought for awhile

Ideas were stacking up in my mind

How if there's burglar outside will he kill me?

The first thing that pop out in my mind was my family

Yes,My family, I need to protect them from the burglar

I opened the door hoping that it wasn't a burglar

Trying to unlock our house

Then I was shocked,I almost FROZE in terror

There was this Big portal it sucked me up


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