Chapter 3: The Alters

Then suddenly a portal appeared and spitted out 4 alters

Fionna:Where are we??

PG: It seems that we are in another Dimension

Mystic: Are you finish talking to each other? Cause' i need to explain

Marshall lee: First ,who are you?

Mystic: Will you Find out who am I or go back to your Dimension?

Cake:I'll pick Go back to our dimension.

Mystic:Your the alters of this following people.Finn meet Fionna

Fionna:how do you Know my name?

Mystic:With my mind eye!!


Mystic: Jake ,Cake

Jake: Your a CAT!!

Cake: What do you expect!!!!!

Mystic: And PB,PG

PG:Its a honour to meet you My Lady (bows)

PB:its a Honour to meet you too (Gracefully bows)

Mystic: Are you finish??

Marshall lee: You missed someone! Hmm

Mystic:Ohh you Hmmm.....

Marceline:Yo guys

Mystic:oh Marceline

Marceline:Why do you know my name,and who are these guys.

Marshall lee:Youre our alters.

Marceline: Seems legit (goes to marshall lee)But im more intelligent than this guy

Marshall lee: ARGGH!!! I'm more intelligent (starts a fight)

PB: Marceline!!! STOP

PG:Marshall!! chill!!

Fionna:well Finn do you like Adventures

Finn:Like? I Love adventure!!

(Jake and cake quarreling)

Mystic: Stop you GUYS!!


Mystic: Alters Do you want to go back to your dimension!!


Mystic: So Listen to my plan

to be continued

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