• Adventurer101

    But I coudnt live without bcuz its amazing and i dont know any1 in person thats as obsessed with it as I am I love it soooo much so if u dont have cable or find urself without cable her r some tips 2 watch it anyway

    • Youtube has some episodes but not all
    • netflix($7.99 a month baby!!!) has the first season
    • Family Video has the second season
    • Walmart has the following dvds and more(Iknow bcuz i own the following)
    1. My Two Favorite People
    2. Fionna And Cake
    3. Jake VS. Memow(actually this 1 from Target came with Finn's hat)
    4. It Came from the Nightosphere

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  • Adventurer101

    Today i made a normal rectangle LSP pillow with her  face in the middle, it turned out really good this is the stuff i used(all joann fabrics)

    -LSP color fleece

    -stich wicthery

    -black and yellow felt

    -and i had 2 use iron on stich witchery

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  • Adventurer101

    I was bored so i just decided 2 put up a bunchies of my AT pics up on a blog post.

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  • Adventurer101

    Adventure Time CD

    June 17, 2013 by Adventurer101

    I was thinking about how cool it would be if they took songs from Adventure Time episodes and put them on a cd for fans because i would totes buy that. It would be awesome if they put the bacon pancakes song, the song baby Finn sings in "A memory of a memory",the fry song, these lumps,and both songs from "What was missing"...oooh and the bad little boy and good little girl songs. Got any other awesome song ideas for the CD that does not exist.....yet?(...or that i know of)

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  • Adventurer101

    I was just watching the episode "The Creeps" on a dvd i got and thought that basiclly it was the best episode with LSP(.....maybe). And that the episode was hilarious, so i wanted to write about some of the quotes from that episode.


     "I blinked my balls, my eyeballs"

    "Ahhhhh aaaaaahhhh I'm dying......(flush) oh gross my bodies all hollow now i gotta put something in it, wheres the food what kind of castle is this, its like a poor peoples castle, theres no lumping waffles for my dump truck"

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