Hey my peeps srry I havent posted a blog in while school started on the 20th(I'm in 7th grade now!!!) and I've been sick(Got sick the day b4 school started)INCONVENIENCE(and I have been sick since but I've had 2 go anyways and already I think I am now known as the weird, nerdy,[well those 2 r true] always sick girl who carries around a tissue box {and uses 2many parenthises} and [those parts r not true] under normal circumstances) I will try 2 post blogs more often 4 those of u who care and I think I am loosing peeps who have been reading my blogs cuz I havent done quiz's but if u have read all my blogs and u remember correctly I asked in like 3 or 4 blogs if u could give me ideas on what my next quiz should be and no one has given me any suggestions so please please comment and leave a suggestion and i will do them all eventually if they are adventure time realted u can ask me to do a quiz about the following

  • Characters: ask me to do a quiz about one certain character
  • Episodes: ask me to do a quiz about any episode, I have seen them all
  • Locations: ask me to do a quiz about a certian location shown regularly
  • Or give me ideas of another Adventure Time category to start doing quiz's on
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