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  • Adventuremaster6

    For Some reason i  am starting to think   that adventure time will end at season 6. Pen ward Annouced  that season 6 will begin summer of 2014

    maybe he will stop at 6??

    Pen ward is very surprised  his show came this far.

    there should be some planned evidence that AT will continue.......

    With An award-winning ,show i doubt it......

    What do you think????

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  • Adventuremaster6

    The Great Mushroom War is suppose to take place proabaly around the late 21st or 22nd  Century

    i estimate it will  be about  2268 A.D

    In Simon & Marcy , They were are in a meterpolis area or large city, Which is stupid because all the radition and infected mutants wonder the streets endlessly, They only stay because of the food and shelter.

    The mushroom war did Extremely Endanger humans, mutate many animals , And bring about the Lich

    It is not known what two countries or nations will start it or what weapons of mass destruction the will use.

    Very few humans survived the G.M.W,Simon Petrikov  was one of them.

    if only he could remember........

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  • Adventuremaster6

    Ice king was the main Evil-Doer in Adventure Time. But who's to say he can't

    change his ways? He helped Finn & Jake Save Princess Bubblegum when The Lich possesed her.

    He also has helped them out several times in past.

    For instance, Finn was having trouble with Flame Princess  and Ice King Was totally innocent when he got beat up. And that time when he just  simply wanted to be happy.

    Yes ice king has messed up in the past, but ask yourself,  is this poor old wizard forgivable?

    As simon Petrikov once said It's not me it's the crown, please forgive me for whatever i do"

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