(before you read this and chapter 2, be sure to read the prologue.) Chapter 1

When Abe Lincoln first saw Mars, he was speechless. Grob/Gob/Glob/Grod took him before the Martian throne and said Death has granted you immortality, your great leadership on earth was most impressive, you must become our king. Abe sat there in shock and Awe. I can't rule here, I have to return to the U.S!, to my family! I am the President of the United States! Grob replied you were Lincoln, but again you were slain bye an assassins bullet. Lies! I wish see my family now! Shouted Lincoln. But—started Glob,Lincoln slammed his fists on the ground Get me out of this hellish place, I demand you! Gob looked at Lincoln and said rise Abraham Lincoln of Earth, fore we will take you to see your beloved planet. Lincoln thanked him and rose to his feet and brushed himself off. "' hold still said Grod. He then shot a bright powered beam at Lincoln, 'we will go bye teleportation. What!? Asked Lincoln. He was then thrusted into space and was flying at intense speeds next to Grob/Gob/Glob/Grod .Past the moon, on and on until they finally landed on earth .That was Incredible! said Lincoln. He then looked around and saw they were in a cemetery. He saw a woman crouched over a coffin crying and and young son and a much older one crying also. 'Who is that' ,asked Lincoln? Why that's your family replied Grod/Gob/Glob/Grob. Lincoln then realized he was looking at his wife Mary, and his two sons Robert and Tad. Then he looked and saw his tombstone with his name engraved on saw himself in the coffin….. To be Continued

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