Adventure Time- King Of Mars-Chapter 3

As many years passed, the people of Mars adored Abe Lincoln's fair but strict Laws. But there was one Martian who did think a earthling should rule mars, only kings from a Martian bloodline. His name was Magic Man. He planned for months for a way to overthrow Lincoln from the throne. Being a experienced magician, he pulled terrible and horrible pranks on the martian kingdom. Until one day he went to far, he caused an explosion that killed several martian citizens. The people had had enough of it. They rioted outside lincoln's throne until grob/gob/glob/grod said to lincoln Something must be done to stop this magical madman, we must Hunt him down and he must stand trial for his crimes!

The Martian Army Police finally cornered Magic Man in his house a few weeks later. They barged down the door and ran in. "Freeze!" they shouted. But magic man was gone. In the middle of the room stood a teleporter. A teleporter that led to earth…..

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