Okay so I made a new Princess a few months ago named Wave Princess. So then I started to draw pictures of her and then eventually I decided to post my pictures here. So this is what I came up with history and back story for WP.

  1. She is 14 years old
  2. She is Princess of the Water Kingdom, which is located in the surrounding ocean of Ooo
  3. Her only relative is Wave Queen which she is the current ruler of the Water Kingdom
  4. WB is a very sweet and kind Princess who cares for others
  5. She is a water/humaniod person
  6. She can summon water as she commands or pleases

4. The Water Kingdom and Fire Kingdom have been at war for 100's and 1000's of years over areas in Ooo and personal hatred for one another.

5. Wave Princess used to be best friends with Flame Princess until there parents found out they were hanging out with each other and there parents didn't want them to hang out because their Kingdoms are enimes and they are elemental opposites so it wouldn't work.

6. The reason why WP doesn't have a father is because he died sometime in the Fire Water wars when WB was only very little.

7. Wave Princess has a secret crush on Finn because one day she was captured by the Ice King or was just in trouble when Finn came to her rescue and when Finn saved her she thought he was very brave and heroic, so she started to fall in love with him.

8. Finn does not like her back right now because she is from the ocean and after Finn saved her she told him that she was Princess of the Water Kingdom located in the ocean so Finn became nervous and scared to be around her because of his fear of the ocean.

9. A have also came up with an episode called "Element Wars" where the Water and Fire Kingdoms have started fighting again because they have called a truce for the moment so it is then broken in this episode so Finn and Jake have to stop this war from happening again so Finn tries to reason with Flame Princess and Wave Princess about stoping the war and saving Ooo from total destruction.

So respond back to what you think of Wave Princess and what I have came up for her. :)
March 2012 208

My very first picture of Wave Princess!!!

March 2012 210

Wave Princess

March 2012 209

My second design for Wave Princess

March 2012 211

Wave Princess&Finn

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