Wat I Do >o<

I love ADVENTURE TIME so much I made sons and daughters of the Genderbent and Original characters,Finn and Fionna =Fina.Marceline and Marshel Lee = Mary.PB and PG = Prince Gumpop.(but for this one I did Jake and Lady Rainicorn 'cause of their relationship)Jake and Lady Rainicorn = Layla.LSP and LSP = Lady Lumps.Ice King and Ice Queen = Ice Mistress.Lord Monochromicorn and Cake =Cocoa.I also made a character thats named Rebel Princess,her nickname,Axe.

Adventure Princess

I now have shoulder lenght hair (black) wears black bracelets,a white teddy bear necklace (sometimes) , wears shorts or gray skinny jeans,wears Black Converse and Navy Blue TOMS,and when going somewhere I take my blue pack.My fav character is Marceline,LSP,Finn,Jake,Lady Rainicorn (I can understand what she is saying) and the CANDY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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