Adventure King 1: AT Fans

Adventure Time has 4 types of fans:

  • Adverage Fan: These fans just enjoy the show and just watch it when they.
  • Super Fan: The fan that always sees the new episode.
  • Super Duper Fan: This fan likes the show and most likely has an AT Wikia account, draws fanart, writes fanfics, or might have some AT merchandise
  • Physco Fan: Loves AT and will defend it AT and might threaten you if you don't like it and and will do everything listed above and enjoys dressing up as the characters all the time. (I hope nobody acts like this).

BNSF1995: FanFictions

"Me-Mow Strikes Again". Here it goes:

"In the Nut Kingdom, General Pistachio sends out a call for an assassin to assassinate the Allied Leaders. Me-Mow answers the call and heads for the Candy Kingdom to kill Finn, Fionna, Bonnie (formerly Princess Bubblegum) and especially Jake. Meanwhile, in the Candy Kingdom, Finn and Bonnie are in the middle of a training session. If Bonnie is going to join Finn and Fionna on the frontlines, she needs to be proficient with a sword. As the two refine their moves, Fionna watches from the sidelines, giving instructions to Bonnie. This has been going on for a few days, and Bonnie has shown great progress.

All of a sudden, an alarm goes off. An assassin has breached the town walls! Finn, Fionna and Bonnie rush to the war room to coordinate Civil Defense measures. Finn is certain Me-Mow has returned, this time to kill them in the name of the Nut Kingdom.

As they enter the room, Finn suddenly feels a small but sharp pain in his right leg. He collapses, then Me-Mow jumps on top of him to stab his brain. But Fionna and Bonnie are quick and kick Me-Mow away. Me-Mow escapes into an airduct and continues the hunt. In a room below, she spots Lollipop Girl and Ice Cream Guy making out. She then drops a tiny bomb below on them, but it is not lethal, like she thought. Instead, it creates a small explosion between the two lovebirds, which they think is sparks, causing them to make out even more. Me-Mow is disgusted, and moves on.

In another room, Fionna gives Finn first-aid, while Bonnie sends out an SOS signal to Allied Command. Allied Command sends a reply: a counter-assassin commando is on her way to take down Me-Mow. Meanwhile, Me-Mow finds a room full of chemicals. She drops down to investigate, but accidentily lands in a vat of chemicals. When she emerges, she is now about the same size as Finn and Fionna.

With Finn all patched up, he and Fionna head back out on patrol, swords in hand. While discussing whether Godzilla is a guy or girl, they happen upon the up-sized Me-Mow, who has a sword as well. A sword fight begins. The twins are forced back to the War Room, where Bonnie has her sword ready. The twins watch in amazement as Bonnie gracefully and without breaking a sweat fights Me-Mow. Finally, Me-Mow collapses, and Finn and Fionna move in to make a military arrest.

In the next scene, General Pistachio gets a package in the mail: a body bag with Me-Mow inside, confirming that she was executed. Back in the Candy Kingdom, Finn congratulates Bonnie on perfecting her form. The two then share a kiss, with Fionna looking on happily. She just loves to see Finn happy. As the episode ends, General Pistachio is seen making a meal out of Me-Mow's body..."

To understand this:

O o Confused Babe: Couples: Fiolee

"Fionna and Marshall Lee seem to have a lot of things in common. Like for example, (since Marshall is the genderswap of Marceline, then most likely he must act like her.) Fionna likes to adventure and seems to be a tomboy-like girl. Since Marceline is alike with Finn with many ways, then we can assume that Marshall Lee is like Fionna too. I don't support this couple because i just don't think that if the genderswaps were to be real, that Marshall would like Fionna as a girlfriend."

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