What if Adventure Time had a Vdeo Game.

  • Consel/Handheld Device
  • Who would be Playble (How Many Players)
  • Plot
  • Villians (Bosses)
  • Gameplay


My video game: Adventure Time: The Game (awesome title)


Wii. Xbox 360, PS3, 3DS


Main Story: Alternate Between Finn & Jake

Special Levels: PB, Ice King, Marceline, LR

Fight Mode: Finn, Jake, PB, Ice King, Marceline, LR, Fionna, Cake, PG, Ice Queen, Marshall Lee, LM

Flipside (Covers): Fionna, Cake, (Special Levels): PG, Ice Queen, Marshall Lee, LM


The Game opens with Finn and Jake chasing after the Ice King who has captured Princess Bubblegum. When you get to the Castle you have to fight the Ice King. After they beat the Ice King they walk back to the Candy Kingdom where they see Starchy crying. Finn ask what’s wrong and he found out a super-sized snail ate Cinnamon Bun and Starchy’s doughnut. So Finn and Jake fight it and it barfs up CB. On the ground the snail summons and army of snails that destroy the castle. After Finn, Jake, and PB escape the snails they go to PB secret lab to find a growing infection on CB’s arm. CB starts to act crazy and runs out.

They go after him and run into Marceline who tells them that a portal from the Nightosphere has been and won’t close so undead creatures start coming out including Marcy’s Dad who is leading the army the group escapes to the Evil Forest.

The army is recruiting people so they all go to defeat them but it is revealed that the Lich is actually behind this. Unable to defeat them they ride out on Lady Ranicorn who Jake had called.

They get the Ice King to help. He freezes most of the army but the Lich captures all but Finn. Finn collects items all around Ooo to build a rocket to get to the sky fortress. Their he frees Jake, and they battle the Lich. They all escape before the place eplodes.


  • Ice Kingdom
  • Candy Kingdom
  • Nightosphere Army
  • Dark Forest
  • Ice Kingdom 2
  • Ooo
  • Sky Fort


  • Ice King
  • Snail
  • Marceline's Dad
  • Lich


In the console version you play as Finn and Jake. Who you can alternate between the to during levels.Finn uses his sword as his primary weapon. While Jake uses his powers to evaid obstacles and fight.

While playing as PB you make formulars and machines to help you on your quest.

Ice King is used as a cannon to shoot lightning bolts at enemies.

Marceline like Finn can fight but can fly and shoot sonic blast from her bass

You can also fly LR or ride on Jake

Part mode you can play varies of games.

  • Race:
  • Create an Auto Tune Song Using Fin
  • Fight
  • Test your Strength
  • Wizard: Become an Ultimate Wizard through test
  • Make a Potion
  • Fly into Lumpy Space: Using a Rocket Fly to the goal while dodging objects

Explore Ooo Mode: Do the favors citizens. That send you on various missions.

Cover Mode: You can play as the genderswapped characters in the Explore Ooo Mode

Map Mode: While you are exploring Ooo you can use the map to see where you and everything else is

On the 3DS version it is a basic RPG game


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