Okay this wiki has some serious problem and we need to discuss them now

  • Blog Post: If we get rid of blog Post this wiki's going to lose most of it's users and the wiki's users
  • Chat: The Chat is basicaly just a faster blog and Most Mods only go on chat so without chat they will leave too
  • Pictures: You cannnot Delete Picture even if they haven't been used they sstill are part of the blogs, comments, and User Pages
  • Articles: The article seem tto be in perfect condition and even if the Recent Activity does have a lot of comments doesn't mean that no one is editing.
  • User: Some User keep on leaving because they have emotional poblems and some people get banned for violating the Code of Conduct
  • Code of Conduct: The Code of Conduct is ruining the place too the people are enforcing it to hard and they edit peoples comments if they break the rules, why shoulld ADMINS be allowed to edit what people say and control what they do.

For more imformation on the subject plese read This

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