When it comes to planning an overseas holiday, we definitely recommend booking yourself onto small group tours of India. Even if this is something you have never thought about doing in the past, it’s something to consider. They offer a number of advantages over travelling with a significantly larger group of people or even alone, some of which we have outlined in the list below.

1. Stress-Free Sightseeing
Trying to move around sights and attractions with a large group can be difficult at the best of times – if you’re stuck at the back, you won’t be able to see or hear anything; and being squeezed between strangers or up against the wall is not fun for anyone. When with a much smaller group, neither of these occurrences will be a problem.

2. The Overall Group
Traveling with a group of strangers can be a little intimidating at first, which is why joining a smaller group can help put you at ease. You’re likely to find that you have a lot in common with these people, as they’re on the same tour – don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, discuss your travels or the sights around you.

3. Getting Beneath the Surface
The best way to see India is by “getting beneath the surface” and experiencing the country the way the locals do. This is simply not possible with a larger group, as there are too many people to squeeze down hidden alleyways or into cramped bars. If you want to see the real India, we definitely recommend traveling with few people.
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4. Allow for More Freedom
Many people are surprised that small tours actually allow for more freedom and independent exploration than larger ones. This is because there are less people for the guide to keep track of, you’re able to get through sights and attractions much faster, and everyone is happy to do their own thing for a little while.

5. Spend More Time
Whilst larger groups will still pass through some of the country’s major attractions and stop at some of the most popular sights, you will find that you get to spend more time exploring these locations when you’re with a smaller group. You won’t have to step aside after two seconds to make way for those behind you; you can stop and stare.

6. Stay in Nicer Accommodation
In some situations, you’ll actually find that travelling with a smaller group means you get nicer accommodations. The problem with larger groups is that there’s a lot of people to accommodate, so cheaper motels with less luxury amenities are often picked. A smaller group often means that you can even have your own room!
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We hope that you found the above information useful in determining whether small group Luxury tours of India are for you. They are something that we definitely recommend, whether this is your first time to the country or the one hundredth, as you will receive a multitude of advantages as outlined above. Even if the whole group is comprised of people you know, it’s worth it.

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