Okay, this IS TECHNICALLY RELEVANT (and if you don't think it is, too bad), so listen up. Some new rules are being made, and these rules threaten ALL OF US. They will not allow audio or floaters on our profiles, as well as only being able to have only a mere 3 images on our profiles. Apparently it's become some users can't access the Wiki on their phone, and even though that sucks, that's a personal problem, it's not fair that everyone has to suffer because of it. They will also edit the user's profiles by force. Seriously? What is this, North Korea? Users should have the right to edit and regulate their own profiles, and no one is going to go on this Wiki anymore if they can't even edit their own profile or upload an image. And plus, almost EVERYONE disagrees with these rules, and even to me, it seems very unfair that they're going to enforce them without the consent of the rest of the community. If these rules get passed, I'm going to wipe out my profile and call it "Ground Zero." Guys, we need to stop this, or else all of our profiles are done for.

So my brothers, join the rebellion, for the sake of our profiles.

So Tavi, please don't do this, we can compromise without having to pass these unfair rules.

And here is better set of rules:

  • Limit floaters to 250 or 300px.
  • Music on profiles cannot be automated.
  • Limit signatures to only have small gifs or images.
  • Regulate amount of photos on profiles, don't upload too many non-AT related pics.

That seems more reasonable.

This is 'Murica, a democracy.
Uprising fist

Stop acting so stupid
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