There is no need to be upset

Alrighty! So, in this blog, I will reveal some records set by some of our users, more will be added later.

So let's begin:

Most popular blog:

Sumersprkl's Why Flame Princess is a Better Girlfriend for Finn than Bubblegum, with a whopping 3,000 comments!

Runner up:

Marcaline's Lesbians of Ooo.

Most edits:

Our very own Blugo, with more than 15,000 flippin edits!

Runner up:

Felinoel, with over 13,000 edits!

Most pages created:

Chubzhac, just look at his profile.

Runner up:

Sky, look at his old profile and he has a long list of pages he made.

Most bans:

Me. :P

Runner up:


First female administrator:

Fionna! Technically it's Bunai, but she's a maint. admin.

First user, who has been here the longest:

Tavi of course.

Biggest troll:

None other than Lawli. Nobody can beat him.

Best user!:

It's whoever you want it to be.

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