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    Future Episodes/Seasons

    August 27, 2014 by AVP3

    Hello everyone!  I've been really bored lately so I decided to make this.  Basically, I just want to know where you guys think Adventure Time is headed storyline-wise and what you expect in future episodes or seasons.  Like what this season's finale will be like, what any future seasons will focus on, and anything you want to see in the show that you wish will happen.  What I personally want to see is a return of Me-Mow, more on Marceline's backstory, Princess Bubblegum's backstory, and more with Martin.  We'll see more on Ice King's backstory (or at least his crown's) in "Evergreen", so I'm taking Ice King's backstory off my list.

    Again I just made this out of boredom so comment if you like and tell me what you want in Adventure Time or wh…

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  • AVP3

    Marceline's Mom Theories

    June 9, 2014 by AVP3

    Hey guys.  I was looking at stuff on the wiki, found Marceline's Mom, and started doing some thinking.  This is just another crazy Adventure Time theory that I came up with.  You guys can read it, and tell me what you think.  So here it is:

    In this photo seen in "Return to the Nightosphere", obviously Hunson Abadeer is on the left, then there's Marceline in the center, and possibly Marceline's mom on the right.  To me, what appears to be Marceline's mom on the right, actually appears more like Marceline.  Also, I think it was confirmed that Marceline's mom was a human, right?  So, I actually think the white person in the middle is actually Marceline's mom while Marceline is on the right.  The reason Marceline's mom is shorter than marceline…

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  • AVP3

    Season 6: What I want to see

    December 27, 2013 by AVP3

    Hey guys.  So now that Season 5 is almost over, here's a list of just some stuff I want to see in Season 6:

    • A return of Me-Mow
    • Finn's origins
    • More Fionna & Cake
    • More about Simon Petrikov
    • Marceline's origins
    • More about Finn and Flame Princess
    • More of Jake's children (not just Jake Jr.)
    • More of Cinnamon Bun and how he's doing in Fire Kingdom
    • Get rid of the Lich once and for all

    So that's just some of the stuff I want to see in the next season.  Do you agree with me or wish none of this is brought up or done in the next season?

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  • AVP3

    After Earth & Water

    August 30, 2013 by AVP3

    Hey guys. So there are supposed to be three new episodes we already know about coming out after Time Sandwich:  The Vault, Love Games, and Dungeon Train.  I'm really wondering about these episodes, especially the Vault.  I hear it will involve the Ghost Lady and Finn's past.  Love Games is supposed to be about Slime Princess and Finn, Finn trying to prove his love for her to not make her sister take over Slime Kingdom.  Dungeon Train is when Finn and Jake find a train that's a dungeon and every room is a different test/monster.  What do you guys think about these episodes?

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  • AVP3


    August 21, 2013 by AVP3

    Earth and Water has now come out and Time Sandwich is now approaching.  I'm just gonna leave this blog like this now, after Time Sandwich I won't update it anymore.

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