Hello. This is ADarkSide0125.

You might know me as the user who has essentially no friends on this wiki. However, my main goal is to make this wiki a better place.

I have some suggestions for this wiki, but please don't criticize me for it. I'm not starting a rebellion or anything.I just want this wiki to become the best wiki it can ever be.

This blog is preliminarily the first blog I made, so don't be too harsh this and too harsh that. I have compiled several problems I have noticed after scouring and stalking blogs, forums and user talk page; and modifications that I wish could be implemented, and I'm here in order to express my opinions and propose some solutions for some of them.

This blog will be written in an action plan formula:

Title (full):


Proposed Solution:

So that. And if I have to prove something, as my Research teacher says, use numbers and sources to prove it. I appreciate the opinions and approval of Yuzura, Felinoel, TMBMITW, Bunai, Flambo the Epic Epic, Tavis, Waddle D33, Dooms, EvergreenFir, FP, FTHG, Hero Boy, etc. So hope you like it.

This is going to be very long. Please do not post TL;DR in the comments.


Visual mode

Title (full): Disabling of Visual mode on Gallery, Transcript and Quote pages

Problem/Notice: Um, here. I was one of the users who contributed in converting the old transcript lay-out for the new one, I have noticed that when I edited, it starts in Visual mode by default, but I use source code since it takes about two minutes for each transcript to load when you try to edit it in the visual mode, since it's only a bunch of green puzzle pieces. Try editing Finn/Quotes with visual mode.

Proposed Solution: So what I propose is to disable Visual mode in Gallery, Transcript and Quote pages, since gallery pages are essentially a bunch of the icons for galleries compressed together in the left side, and when you open it, it takes about five minutes (not even counting the opening of images to caption it). Transcript and Quote pages are, as I said, a bunch of Template icons.

I saw in here that some people planned to remove visual-based editing (please don't), and I thought someone can do that specifically on the pages I've mentioned. Some pages also open in source mode like the main page it contains some kind of complex code. If the above suggestion is impossible, I recommend that you enter some of that code in the page, put the tag nowiki on it, and put an editor's note so users would not be confused.


Title (full): Default lay-out of Trivia sections and Games pages

Problem/Notice: I noticed that sometimes the Trivia section of different types of articles have jumbled sub-sections, and I know for a fact that Cultural references is always behind Episode connections on episode articles, since I worked on that when I was in my first month here on this wiki. I mean, I really don't know what sequence it is.

Next, Games pages. There must be something like a theme here because all Cartoon network games sections are getting scattered all around the place. I don't usually remember the pages I edit, but if you see Jake's Tough Break's edit history (I don't know if the edit I made there was actually there or in another game), I arranged the badges so they are in the gallery. (I really don't know if that's right or wrong. If it's wrong, please correct it.) I also fixed the gameplay page for [Jumping Finn]] based on what I believe is the correct writing style of the type of article. It's so confusing, really.

Proposed Solution: Make a default lay-out.

In Trivia, I thought of this: (Note that these are my recollections of the Trivia I've seen in episode articles. This may not be exact.)

Trivia itself

This are things that you noticed in the episode. Why is there something hanging on "The Eyes"? What is the definition of the Runic code I see in this object/episode based on the page itself? Yep, that's trivia the way I see it.

Cultural references

This are things that are commonly associated in other forms of media. I saw a Star of David in this episode! Is this character based on Davey Johnson? Music, videos, actions, movements, accents, powers, quotes, and the like.

Episode connections

This are what you notice are associated or connected with other episodes. I remember that I heard this name before. Hot to the touch? or Isn't this the continuation of Finn the Human? Note: Music that you heard in the past episodes applied now is here, whether a cover of the song or background music. I see a lot of episodes with the background music (The music when Finn and Roselinen were dancing is similar to yadda yadda yadda in "Princess Monster Wife" [taken from "Puhoy"]).


This are continuity errors, glitch errors or simply wrong propositions of the animation of the episode or sequence of events. When Marceline says "Give me Hambo!," her pants became her skin color. or Ice King stated in "Hitman" that Lumpy Space Princess and Ghost Princess were his least favorite princess, yet he took a portion of Lumpy Space Princess's body and stated to Princess Monster Wife that he took the body parts of his most favorite princesses. This are some examples.

Production notes

This are trivia about behind-the-scenes information. this should always have a source. This episode was formerly titled "Door Jam." It was a pun on the musical term "jam" and on "door jamb," the name for the vertical part of a door's frame. However, the title was changed because the Adventure Time writers prefer not to use puns in episode titles. or The title card was designed by Michelle Xin and painted by Martin Ansolabehere.

Storyline analysis

This are analysis of the events. No speculation is allowed. This must be based on true facts and obvious observations seen repeatedly in many episodes if one wants to prove a point. Example: When Fionna tells Cake to take off the Ice Queen's crown to "not catch her crazy," it has serious implications as to what parallels the Ice King is drawing between the Ice Queen and his own history.

In Games category, I thought of this:

  1. Gameplay. This must be first one because it describes what the player should do. Whether it is the plot or the controls itself, let loose. Controls can be a sub-section here.
  2. Characters. This are the characters seen in the show, whether playable or not playable. List enemies, interactives, etc. too.
  3. Items. This are items that you can pick up and use in the games. Refer to Finn and Jake's Epic Quest for the format.
  4. Other. This are other sections. You must put them in this sequence: after items, before badges. Locations, powers, etc.
  5. Badges. Things get a bit trickier. The editor should put the pictures of the badges beside the definition of the badge so that it fits together instead of putting it in the gallery. Refer to the above linked game for the format of the text. Note: It must also include the procedure of how to get it. This is a wiki anyway.
  6. Trivia. You know this. Just look above. =)
  7. Tips. This are tips for the player to guide by during the gameplay.
  8. Gallery. The gallery must include screenshots from the game, pictures of the video game, release, gameplay, opening screen, etc.

Originally, I just based on the article Legends of Ooo. Remmeber, this is just my recommedation. No one told you to follow it.


Title (full): Problems regarding the attachment of certain categories in a template

Problem/Notice: Some templates have an attachment of categories like in CharacterNav: it has characters automatically in the categories list if an article has the template. Template:Stub also has Category:Stubs attached to it. One problem is, some category pages I've visited contain different types of articles, whether blogs or user pages, having these attachments, so automatically, we see the name of the article in the category page. Look at this and its user page. It has the ObjectNav template, and it has the Category:Objects because it has the template attached to it.

Proposed Solution: Copy the coding. This is especially for admins, since regular users but me could not edit user pages. It does not have to necessarily use the template, just the coding for it, then paste to the page itself and leave an editor's note on it.

Outside mainspace

Floaters and auto-playing music

Title (full): Modifications to the regulations of floaters and auto-playing music

Porblem/Notice: Ah. We are here. We all had a nice thing coming when it comes to this topic.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.

So basically, in this rule, there are people who hate it and those who are okay it.

Proposed Solution: So, for a compromise, and based on these people:








and many more, Darkside says this:

  • Floaters. Floaters should be at least 250-300px in size. I've averaged up the pixel sizes some of the people above suggested, and I think that it is a hassle for mobile users if the floater links to the image itself. That's the problem. If the floater would not link to anything (if it is possible), then every floater should be like that an dnothing bad would happen.

Floaters should not also be animated excessively. Small movements should do. Flambo's animated floater of a bunch of stick figures moving got my monitor partially destroyed because I kept thinking it was a couple of flies or ants. But it's fine by my standards.

Floaters should also be, as much as possible, be stationary, as seen in Beemo's profile, where the large floater was just situated there near the chat button. What I'm saying in general is that floaters should not be situated in places where you know can get frequently looked at. Nihi, if you're seeing this and still active on this wiki, please limit your floaters to where users do not usually need to look at, like empty spaces and etc. Just a friendly reminder from someone in the same country.

See, the whole issue about this is the visibility of what is behind the floater. Take that off, and you're fine. Admins, please take this into consideration.

  • Auto-Playing Music: I agree to this one rule. Please don't add this, even in your own user pages. These are like garlic to us vampires (stalkers). At least you should just put a warning that some kind of obnoxious pop music will suddenly burst out and damage my ears for life. Or adjust the coding so you have to click the play button to play the music. I promise you, if I put my type of music on my user page, I'll be banned infinitely.
  • Additional: Image Number: No. There should be an unlimited number of images in user pages, no matter how much images we have in this wiki. User pages are pages in which we can experiment with different designs and show others what we feel, what we want our friends here to show that connect with us, etc. That only. I have devised a number of ways to reduce our images (see below) but please not this. A compromise would be 5-10 unrelated and newly-uploaded and only used for the user page images. Images from the AT Wiki itself, images used in other places which relate to AT (such as emoticons), those are exceptions.


Title (full): Conjunction of signatures in one category and modification to signature rule

Problem/Notice: I noticed that many signatures here are actually templates instead of the usual preferences and sig pages. Then there are a LOT of signature pages which are all scattered throughout the wiki. The thing I want to resolve is the categorization of these pages, so we can refer to the category instead of having to search it. No, I mean is that templates are usually interpreted by people as those used in the main space articles itself, right? So that's my proposal.

There's also this issue about obnoxious GIF images in signatures, like the one from Sekeid'ah Uuadiles and Felinoel.

[User:felinoel|L̾̓̅ͫ̃͊͏͓̣̺̣̖͍͍͉͘Ĕ̵̶̛̯̰̣̗͇̤͇͍̥̯̽̔ͦ͆T͈̦̱̤̹͚̙̱̮̖͍͉̝̹͎̦̠̈́ͥ́̑ͫͤ͜͟͜ͅ ̡̼͚̦̜̭̲̭ͤ̐͑̊ͭ͊́́ͣ͐͋̊̔̃̔͂̆ͫ͡ͅ M̨͎͚͖̱̞̤̪͓̖̘͖̥̝̘̤̙͕̆ͦ͂̓́́͘ͅE̷̎͋̍̊̈́҉̷̤̞̝̰̮̟̳̪ͅ]]/T̶͔̘̱̺͈̜̱͓̬̜̝̤͚ͭ̓̇̍̔̇͂̇͗ͨ͊̾̓́̓͗͂ͮͮͅḘ̴̮̦͇̱͍̱̩̲͚̠̺̫̟ͣͣ̔ͭ̍ͭ̈́̋̂͋́́ͅͅḺ̶̞͕͇̫͇͊̑ͪ͊̑ͬ̇́ͧͬ̓ͦ̎́͘͟L̈̉ͫ͂͌̚̚̕͞҉̘̲̦̠͚̞̱̹͢ͅ ̔ͧͪͫ̾̃ͥ͛̑͒̑ͣ́̚̚͏̵͏͓̮̺̖̝͍̩̳͙̤̩̠̪Y̢̼̭͉͍̽͐̎́̔͂͌͛͞O̷̻̺̩̝̘͔̤̭̥̠̱̦̬͖̬̩̖ͩ̏̅̎̔ͦ̑̎͛̇̆͛̾ͭ̕ͅͅU̸͖̦͇͙͚͕̰̩͚͎̤͕̞̩̥͌́ͥ͂͌ͪ̐ͣ̍̓̆͊ͭͨ͢ ̸͙̮̠̭̜̏ͬͩͤ͑̄̿͐ͤ͗ͩͦ̚͢A̸̸̰͓̖̮̳͇̦̪̻̼̭͈͚̲̞͎̲ͫ͑̈́̾̐̃̀͝͡ͅB̛ͫͩͦ̎͒͛ͯ́̓̾ͬ̾ͮ͏̲͖̪̺̤̪̀O̷̡̲̳̯̠͚͓ͫͣͨ̉ͨ̈̆ͮ͐͒̒ͩ̒͛́̕͘U̷̴̡̠̗͚͈̟̼͕̬̥ͫ͒ͯ̾̋̔̾ͪͣ̎̌́ͅT̡̻̲̜͈̞͍̪̪͙͔̪̟͂͂̉ͦͣ́͗̽̽ͧ̍͒ͨ͂̋ͮ͘͘ Hͥ̿ͨ͌ͪ̽̎̄̉̍̍͟͠͏̯̱̫̰O̴̼̖̘̘̼̫̮̬̞̖̟͎͎̯͚͍̺̼ͨ̇̓̍̌̓̇̆͘͜͠ͅM̨͎͚͖̱̞̤̪͓̖̘͖̥̝̘̤̙͕̆ͦ͂̓́́͘ͅḘ̸̡̥̟̩̳̦͑̅̔̾̎̚S̝̘̯̬̥͚̆͌̿̐̉͌͌̇̔͊̒͒ͯ̈́ͬͥ̒ͩͭ̕͞T̶̙̺͍̺̗̪͉̺͌̈̈́̑͊ͣͥ̇ͨ̉̒̎ͬͬ̈́̆͞Ṵ̷̲̰̬̰̭͓̳͊͆͊̿ͦͮ̒̊̈́͗ͫ͋̕C̸̛̣̜̱̹̳̹͋̍̈̌͌ͤ͛̌͛͑̕͟K̴̶̼̗͚̝̠̲̤͊̈́̏ͦ̾ͧ̓ͭ͛͊̿̓͒̾ͦ̎̈̃̋̀͝
Lakatumblr m19zxzOhyp1qarjfpo2 250FANTASTIC BABY!Shakatumblr m19zxzOhyp1qarjfpo1 250]

Obviously, it would disrupt how we go through talk pages if these images they put in their signatures are as big as the floaters people normally size into.

Proposed Solution: In the first one, I propose to put in one page or category all of the signatures in this wiki. I have stated my reason above. For the second part, let us put a limit to the height of the signature. Runescape Wiki does not allow signatures bigger than 31px, but we can't have that. For the record, I think we must have a limit of 100-200px signature so talk pages would not be clogged so much. And also, hit Enter after your last word when you are putting a signature. Instead of putting the four tildes next to the message you are typing, put it under it, so the signature would be straight instead of cutting and going to the next line of the sentence. Plus, the width of the line where your signature is put will need to adjust to fit your sig, so there will be a lot of space.


Title (full:) Modification of new chat ban screenshot rule

Problem/Notice: Admit it. A lot of users here do not trust screenshots. Yet, chat moderators do not know how to prove bans to people outside chat, so it gets all dramatic in this wiki. Specifically, this user said in a comment in his blog:

"Also, thats a chat message. Chat messages are very easy to alter. And Sparda and Ins4, who are apparently very experienced, would have very well means of altering them. Therefore, I don't trust the screenshots. Also that's why I don't take them."

I haven't gotten some research, but I think there might be a way of manipulating screenshots. so, all in all, it might be a bit convoluted for banned users who won't just give up.

Proposed Solution: All users present must take screenshots. I have considered for two reasons:

  • Screenshots take a picture of the screen, as you all would know that. This means that, since what you type in chat is highlighted black, so all users who posted the screenshots shows that this screenshot is legitimate because it has different black highlighted areas coming from different users.
  • No one can manipulate it, unless they are all working together. Since half of those who come to chat does not even know how to work with encoding (Gazer, ITz, Flambo5, HERROZAEl, AwesomeFelix, etc.) and I'm pretty sure that what they edit would not be the same with each other's manipulating, there could be little to no chance that the user can get out, unless the user is an important member of the wiki and the whole chat room has a conspiracy. So that's that, I think.


Title (full): Showing of templates for users acting in bad faith in their nuser talk pages

Problem/Notice: I have seen that there are a lot of banned users before, whether from chat or from the wiki. I'm pretty sure chat mods can always see a message stating why they are banned, etc. Here: they don't find out because mods won't put a banner explaining the consequences of their actions into their talk pages. For example:

In FinnAwesome's talk page, you can see that he was not put up with a chat ban banner. Yet, in Beemo's talk page, he asked if she could defend him from Mini's decision and unban him from chat. Drama. The fact that he knows his fault does not matter, the fact that he is speaking to Beemo does not matter, the matter is Mini not placing a chat ban banner to his user talk page and explaining why he was banned. As a result, he just turns to his memories and asks himself why would something like this happen to him, what rude remarks he made, etc.Rickdrumz s a pretty good example of what I'm talking about.

Proposed Solution: Add the template and explain why he or she is banned. This does not apply to chat bans, however. Believe me, I didn't even know until I researched around that Blugo34 was blocked infinitely for sockpuppeting. I mean, I know those block log things to open in his contributions, yet we are talking about all users as a whole here.


Title (full): Beemo and BloodHunter99's art contest continuation

Problem/Notice: I noticed that many people here are excited at the Art Contest. Actually, i was reminded to add this because I saw it in the Ooo Review. Is this still continuing? If it is, where? On another website? Wiki? I haven't got all the details.

Proposed Solution: You must conduct it here. I believe that the reason BloodHunter99 came up with this contest is because of charity, yet this could be a chance for wiki editors to become more active here on the wiki instead of chatting and blogging. Let them do some artwork here. Make a contest every new episode, then one of the two can judge. Spread out. Find potential in others. This can be exciting, something that other wikis don't have. Only tip in reducing images is to delete the images and leave only the runner-ups and champion. If it's inactive, gather those who are good at making drawings in the computer and add them to your posse. It can be groundbreaking if you plan for it.


Beemo's art (sample)



Title (full): Elections of wiki administration officers

Problem/Notice: You should have known I'd tackle this topic. As far as I can see, if this comment (the long one) in the bottom of this blog, you can see tidbits of what actually happens behind the mainspace articles in this wiki. That's just an example. I'll try to list all aside form what i see in this blog:

  • Tavis should not be admin anymore (by Redzephyr01)
  • Mini and Ins should not be admins (by Tuckyd)
  • Random users get promoted to chat mods (by XxXBK27XxX)
  • RoseSweets should not be maintenance admin (violent reaction by Flambo the Epic Epic)
  • Flambo should get promoted (by TMBMITW)

What is accomplished here? I don't know, yet I know for a fact that RoseSweets is demoted and Mini is not an admin anymore. We must find a plan to not motivate people to spur hate-filled blogs about this administration.

Proposed Solution: Election. Good old-fashioned elections, you must allow users to use them Support and Oppose templates in the Voting Forums. We have a right to think who is and who should be deserving. As Flambo said (I forgot where):

"You can't do s*** without discussion. You aren't God."

However, if the current administration does not want this, I advise this time is to give the reason why these admins want to have this user as another admin. Why this a chat mod? Why? This is only the reason. If you would see above, there is a choice about random chat mod promotion. Why? Admins won't raffle the names of the active users and pick one slip. They decide, only these ranters don't know why, and they don't understand that there is a reason why these selected users are promoted admin. They want what they want to happen. That's why YOU admin must state this.


Title (full): Solutions to reducing, categorizing, fixing and renaming images

Problem/Notice: We have too many images. You can't deny that. We have an average of 14 images per article, yet there are many pages without images, and pages with only one image. That's proportion.

Proposed Solution:


I've got to say, I'm an addicted/avid categorizer, and I specialize on image sorting, since at least half of my edits consists of sorting UncategorizedFiles. But if there is someone to help me, leave a message so we can work together.


Aha. The one I spent my whole time through this process. What images could be deleted? I have a few tips;

  • Better start working on the duplicate images. It's getting a lot piling up. Note: I have put "duplicate image" in some of the images I have come across in the description since I don't know how to include them in the duplicate file list page.
  • Delete screenshots after the ban the screenshot is used is finsihed.
  • Impose a rule on linking pictures in blog comments. Since inserting images in blog comments just to prove a point (e.g. memes) should be deleted. I bet all of these pictures come from the Internet, so why just not link it? Just like in chat?
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