so M180 is gone but the profile contest will still go on!

The rules are simple: must enter between now and october first must have at least one picture (not in cluding your avatar) and have at least one username (just beacause im a contest host does not mean i cannot be random). Once you enter you cannot change your profile or avatar until allowed.

First 20 ppl will be entered then i will take out 10 the final ten will then the semi-finalists will be allowed to change their profile and avatar accordingly. The 10 will be put in a poll the 3 with the highest votes will be sent to the finals they can change the profile another poll and we have the winer.

Challenge ON! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Ill return to earth to check evry once in a while. *rides away on nyan cat and leaves pedo bear to eat any trespassers* ILL BE WATCHING IM ALWAYS WATCHING!

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