FAN Fiction :P not about the Lich.

"Finn! Finn come on wake up buddy the Lich is back!" Finn wakes up and sees Jakes scared face. "AH! Jake i said stop watching me while i sleep!" Finn yelled. "Dude the Lich is back!" Jake said "But-but how? I thought we defeated him!" Finn said getting up from bed. "Nah dude Pepperment butler went out cause Lemongrab came and he was trying to get to Princess Bubblegum when the snail he was holding exploded into the Lich!" Jake yelled. " Stop messing with me man." Finn says getting back into bed. "No Finn i'm not kidding come look outside the Lich has destroyed most of Candy Kingdom looking for Princess Bubblegum!" Jake screamed. "I thought the lich wanted to destroy the world or something." Finn said skeptically. "Does that really matter?" Jake said as an explosion booms outside. "OH GLOB" Finn and Jake say simutaneously. They get their stuff and leave the house. As they run across the fields they see alot of freinds running across the grass. They saw the ballons (who were after someones wallet), BUFO, Chet Chocoberry , Choose Goose... It was crazy. as they ran Choose Goose said a wierd thing (as normal) " help we are being chased!" "huh" said Finn as they ran passed " He didn't rhyme. "Does that really matter look!" Jake said as Candy kingdom was in chaos with fires everywhere. Finn's mind thinking of fires thought of flame princess then he remembered if it truly was the Lich then the grass and trees would be black not on fire. "hmm..." Finn thought to himself. "Whoa dude look!" Jake proclaimed "...TO BE CONTINUED...

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