heyyy 27finsprincess here!

okayy so me and my sister (formally known as Candy Princess) where talking about which one of the AT endings are our favorite...there are a couple that are really funny and some bringing the vibe... NOOOOOO WHAT THE FLUFF I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!?!?!!!

So, some of my favorite were

  • In Your Footsteps (snail comes back)
  • City of Thieves (finn gets his clothes stolen)
  • Hot to the Touch (finn looking at FP's footsteps and telling Jake "It hurt.")
  • It Came from the Nightosphere (Jake farts in Finny's pocket)
  • Mortal Folly/Recoil (Folly- PB falls into well & Recoil-PB (now 13) and Finn hug/zoom in on snail)
  • Gut Grinder (spiky people hug F&J)
  • Incenium (Finn tells Jake he thinks he has a crush)
  • Evicted! (Worm King posses F&J to hug him...I think)
  • The Creeps (Finn puts his scary memory in his "vault")

Tell me your favorite endings to date, if I already said one tell me why, and if the ending of the episode didn't already explain itself yet then tell me what you think will happen after/next??

p.s. My favorite to date is "In Your Footsteps"

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