Hey! 27finnsprincess here!

Okay so there haven't been a lot of good adventure time blogs, so I hope this blog will get everyone in the AT mood!

So, the season finale will be be in mid-October and it will be titled The Lich as everybody knows already. Having the title of the episode being focused on the Lich I think this episode will be the epic final battle between F&J and the Lich!

Also, I have some questions about this episode...

1. It's is confirmed that there will be a tragity in this episode, what do you think will happen? One of the main characters die or the Lich will parish? OR one of the main characters will be severely hurt?

2. Is Help (the episode before the Lich) a sequel or just another episode? Help sounds someone needs help fighting the main antagonist.

3. What form will the Lich be present in. Right now the snail is possessed taking on the lich's personality. Will be Lich come back as a snail, the lich's real form, or will the Lich possess someone Finn or jake...or even PB again!

4. What does the Lich need with the enciridion? It's a hero's handbook...not a villains handbook. O.o

Okay so, those are all the questions I have right now. If you have more questions tell them to me in comments. And if you think you have a good prediction for the questions above tell me in comments too. I will update this blog when I have more questions about the finale.

Lich Image

He is coming O.o

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