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  • 27finnsprincess

    Guys!! Frist Footage of Season 5....Finn wishing that the Lich never existed? What if he caused the Mushroom War? What if the Humans didn't die? What if one of the characters didn't exists because of that? What if Finn pays because he is a human? What if.....omg so many what ifs....just help me out in the comments. And what is Simon doing in the promo?? It looks like we will get some great pre-Mushroom War scenes :D

    --Will You Defy Nature for Me?' 23:24, October 29, 2012 (UTC)

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  • 27finnsprincess

    Okay, just watch the Lich's animatic. Cosmic Owl. Remember the New Frountier oh glob....OH GLOB

    Please tell me your predictions :3

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  • 27finnsprincess

    So, FINALLY the long preview came out and they may be "caught in a parrelleous past". The only person that Ice King has ever mentioned during/after The Mushroom War is, what do you think is the history with Ice king and Marceline?

    By the Way...the narrator's voice is different in this preview...which is kinda annoying. :I

    Marceline is Betty:

    • Takes off the glasses, replace the old lady sweaters, and grow longer, darker could be a Betty? This one is probablly way off...but who knows. I mean we have seen Marcy as a this may be an absolute no. never know with Ooo's Vampires.

    Okay, now tell me what you think and stuff...predictions, thoughts, comments, or concerns. Thank you :P

    Okay, so what an episode. My favorite s…

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  • 27finnsprincess

    Hey! 27finnsprincess here!

    Okay so there haven't been a lot of good adventure time blogs, so I hope this blog will get everyone in the AT mood!

    So, the season finale will be be in mid-October and it will be titled The Lich as everybody knows already. Having the title of the episode being focused on the Lich I think this episode will be the epic final battle between F&J and the Lich!

    Also, I have some questions about this episode...

    1. It's is confirmed that there will be a tragity in this episode, what do you think will happen? One of the main characters die or the Lich will parish? OR one of the main characters will be severely hurt?

    2. Is Help (the episode before the Lich) a sequel or just another episode? Help sounds someon…

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  • 27finnsprincess

    27 here!

    So, big news everyone! The 100th episode will air in two weeks or September 10. I have been thinking of what this episode may be and I have some predictions dudes!

    1st prediction: okay so we don't know when lady will have her babies, but I think it will be this episode because jake has to make a tough decision about living with Finn and adventuring with him like old times or become a man and a dad, maybe lady will move in with them?

    2nd prediction: this episode was oringunally named Prince Huge, so I'm kinda doubting the 1st prediction. So, I have another idea: Finn, Fp, and PB. Finn making his hard...easy decision about his relationship with FP. Maybe a breakup????? Prince Huge could be when FP calls him prince or something....but I…

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