Ok, so alot has been announced and theorized during the past few days. Judging by some Formspring answers Adam Muto was giving, it was stated that Wizards only fools is NOT the season finale, but i rather, something big will be airing sometime before season 6 acting as a real finale to season 5, fans have obviously concluded that this could be the hour special that was pushed off for later. seeing how season 6 has yet to be fully announced, and that there's little known about a season 7, this seems to be the case.

Right off the bat, i don't need to explain much when i mention what would have been season fives hour special that got pushed off for later.

But i'm wondering, what was or what is this special? it's natural that every season (from two and onward) has had a two-parter (not counting season continuation episodes), naturally involving something big or atleast important to one of the characters. So what would this four-parter (being the longest connection of episodes) involve?

seeing how it's been pushed off for later, does this mean that season six will get this four-parter? (We now know that it will most likely be season fives real finale) seeing how we're at the "last" episode of this season, and the specials production code is around two-thirds into the season, we're chronologically past the episode at this point. (Though they might have changed that) But that only raises further questions, what was this episode supposed to focus on?

Making some assumptions, it was stated that FP would get more appearances throughout this season, but only appeared once, so was this supposed to focus on her? explaining why she hasn't appeared? (Seeing how the special will likely be in season 5, this marks our last chance of seeing her before getting disappointed) or, was this episode supposed to mark the return of Susan Strong? it's been over two seasons since we've seen her, and as a character worth focusing on alot, it would make sense to have her for an hour special.

But losing the little fanism in me, i have no freaking clue what this special could be, or if it has even been completed or if it'll even air, but recalling a few past mentionings of a mini movie lead me to believe it was completed or at least worked on and is currently in production.

I don't know, what do you guys think? will it air? if so, what would it be about?

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