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  • I live in Bop Town
  • I was born on December 11
  • My occupation is Bop Master
  • I am Male

Finn Murtons
is this a zombie?


About Me

Note:I'd just like everyone to know that I deleted my last profile. I just request that it be disabled.

I'm a moderator here on the wiki. I basically watch chat to make sure it's safe from trolls and stuff. You'll most likely find me there. If not and you need something or just wanna talk feel free to leave a message here. Anyways, it's nice to meet you. ^^

Credits <3

IBcatDs CatcatTriforcetwirlpixel


Triforcetwirlpixel For making this profile and always being there to talk to me, thank you. c:

Potatogirl For drawing a dumb picture, being my kohai, and always talking to me.

GabeFor putting up with my stubborn and ignorance for 2 years and you should have been on there in the first place. 

Tumblr inline mt6nissIWf1rid23s-1 For opening my eyes, always talking to me, and being there for me.

Ds For always helping me out, being a great friend and forgiving me.

ChibiAyumuThis is me, I am my own friend.


This is here incase I ever need it. c: (Honestly, it's not all that easy to get onto. Most times people get on it, it's either me being a huge jerkwad or playing around, then again if someone does happen to actually irritate and bug me and actually manage to get on my bad side (once again really rare) They'll go here. Yes, you can be forgiven if I choose to forgive you. Then again I can't hold a grudge so.. This is pointless. xD)

About me

Hey there! I'm just your average walking corpse really. I go to highschool and such. I moderate the wiki chat, you're most likely to find me there. I'm currently unemployed as I'm one year to young to get a job. I'm 15. Of course there is one place but I prefer to wait until more options open up. I have a wish I hold dear, but that's nothing I wish to talk about. I have lots of friends here at the wiki, I try to be as helpful as I can so feel free to message me anytime I'm on. Anyways that's enough about me. It was a pleasure getting to tell you about myself. I used I used to be just your average highschool kid.. My life was pretty care free.. I thought those days would last forever. But as I've found out recently,they don't.


I'll also fill this in later. Sorry!


"People live their life's without ever knowing it but the world's filled with crazy things, like magic and monsters and well.. Whatever you'd call what I am."

"I was a moron, but death cured me of that. I was so stupid.. I used to take life for granted.. But ironically once I died, I could finally appreciate what it means to live."

"You only understand the true value of things after you've lost them."

"To climb a hill on a difficult road you need to be walking steadily."

"There are a lot of things people can't avoid when living, people can't avoid misfortune. There are a lot of hard times in life. There might even be times you want to die.. But there are a lot of amazing times as well, those are one of the many great things that makes life worth living."
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