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S6e22 PB and FP entering Fire Giants room

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Hello reader, welcome to my user page. I am an avid editor who enjoys editing characters' personalities, appearances, relationships and many other sections. As English is not my first language, I might have made many grammar errors in the pages I edited, so please correct them if you can. I first watched Adventure Time on 15 January 2013. The first episode I watched is "Blood Under the Skin" and I joined the fandom in early Season 5, right after losing interest in my previous favorite show.

My Favorite Characters

Flame Princess

S5e12 FP fighting Goo Skulls

Action-oriented, aggressive, short-tempered and serious

I have not been a big fan of Flame Princess until "Vault of Bones," where her character development and badassery came in. Since then, even after her break-up with Finn, I am still a big fan of her. I find her interesting, complex and relatable, and even decided to analyze her on one occasion. She is a rather realistic character who always make me very excited whenever it is announced that an episode would be focused on her due to her lack of appearances in the show. She is also one of the main reasons I started to watch this show and the first character that I realized to have several similarities with.


Ever since "Henchman" aired, I took a liking to her for being a trickster and even more when "It Came from the Nightosphere" showed more of her character. I really like her character development, backstory (most of them are this) and relationship with others. But after "Simon & Marcy" aired, I find her less interesting, so she was kinda pushed back on my list for quite a while.... "Stakes" only make me like her more.

Finn and Jake

They are both tied for third place, and I like them for obvious reasons, I believe. They are relatable, and well-developed characters with interesting backstory respectively.

Ice King

Again, for obvious reasons, he has an interesting backstory and good character development. He makes me feel emotional, I feel sympathetic for him.

Flame Princess' Outfits

  • Flame Princess' original appearance
  • "Ignition Point"
  • "Vault of Bones"
  • " Earth & Water"(1)
  • "Earth & Water"(2)
  • "Earth & Water"(3), "The Red Throne" (1) & "Princess Day"
  • "The Red Throne" (2)
  • "The Red Throne" (3)
  • "Jake the Brick"
  • "The Cooler"

My Favorite Episodes

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 5.2

Season 6

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