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This user is this Wiki's official Spartan.

I will be on this wiki rarely due to school. I may be able to edit during my free time, which will be quite little due to my 3 AP courses (AP Calculus, Biology, and Language.)

As you can tell by my username, I am something of a Halo fan.

(In fact, I used to edit a lot around the Halo Wiki.)

About Me

I'm Jonathan.

I'm just another sixteen year old highschooler dude that really likes the show this wiki is dedicated to. I'm practically a Grammar Nazi, so don't be surprised if I start to fuss over things like Beemo's gender.

Adventure Time... my opinion is one hell of a breath of fresh air. I know that it something like Spongebob Squarepants, but better in the sense that the characters are much more relatable (in terms of personality and personal plights, on occasion). I think the main thing that this show has going for it is the funny [and random] interactions between the characters, its very cute moments, and the art style, which is simple, yet clean. The show overall is simply wonderful, and always puts a smile on my face, big or small. I know Pendleton Ward knows what he is doing, but I hope he doesn't let the show become some cookie-cutter crap that rakes in a massive amount viewers yet has lost its original vibe.

I support FinnxBubblegum. There is simply no other for Finn (unless Marceline changes her mind or something else whacky.)

FinnX<girl> Polls (Canon ONLY)

My Favorite Characters:

Favorite Male Main Character:

Finn (He's flipping righteous.)

Favorite Female Main Character:

Princess Bubblegum (FinnxBubblegum!)

Favorite Recurring Characters:

Peppermint Butler (He's hilarious and awesome; can't wait for the episode of his life story!)
Gunter (Gosh, he's so freaking adorable. And evil.)
Susan Strong (No explanation necessary.)

Favorite Minor Characters:

Kim ("Cut him in the eyes!")
Magic Man (He just seems really upbeat about his jerkiness.)
Pig (He's got a nice voice.)

Favorite Episodes:

Season 1: Rainy Day Daydream and Wizard.

Season 2: It Came from the Nightosphere, The Eyes, The Chamber of Frozen Blades, |*The Real You*|, Video Makers, |*Mortal Folly*|, and |*Mortal Recoil*|.

Season 3: Memory of a Memory, |*Too Young*|, "Still", |*"Wizard Battle"*|, "Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake", |*"What Was Missing"*|, From Bad to Worse, and Beautopia.

|*<episodename>*| denotes an episode that forwards/furthers FinnXBubblegum.

Favorite Songs:

(I can't rank the following songs; they're all just wonderful!)

House Hunting Song (Always great.)
I'm Just Your Problem (Some good lyrics here, props to R. Sugar!)
Susan Strong's Song (FinnxSusan? Nah.)
...Oh, Fionna. (It's flipping sweet in every sense of the word, and NPH is an awesome dude.)
Fry Song (You can't dislike it!)
I'm on a Boat (Ha ha ha ha ha!)
Sleepy Puppies (This song is actually very serenade-sweet.)



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*If I do ever find the time, I will try to complete an AT fanfic. For obvious reasons, I won't post it here, but I'll post a link to the page on as soon as the first chapter is up.*

*The basic premise of this thing will concern Finn's conservation status as the last human in Ooo, and will relate heavily to the Mushroom War (which is something I have seen only in one fanfic on that website, titled "The Last Human"; yet it does so only briefly.) I'd like to say more, but I'll let it be a surprise. ;).*

*Actually, I've been working on a different sort of fanfic; it's a bit less deep in nature in comparison to the above idea, but I guess I can use the above as a backstory for a later thing and will definitely be alluded to, as the above is somewhat developed, already. Anyway, the new fanfic I am actually composing concerns the Lich and Finn four years after their first encounter. First chapter's done, maybe I'll post it here like User:BNSF1995 has, as well as at under the username "Vector117".*

AT FanArt!

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