Ride a dolphin

That's the opposite of a problem!


Trying to establish which episode is my favourite.

Currently it is either What Have You Done or Another Way, probably the latter.

Favourite Quotes

  • Finn-"Shmowzow"
  • Finn-"What kinda meat is that?"
  • Jake-"That's Meat Man's meat!"
  • Finn-"Perpendicular"
  • Ice King-"I think I heard the word virile in there"
  • Shrub-"Huh, what are you sayin'? Globbit, glommit, who's glommit?"
  • Jake-"Dude, let's kill the horse."
  • Jake's Subconscious-"It is too hard to swim across the river. It's easier to wear a hat. Here, have a hat!"
  • Jake-"Listen Mrs. Witch."
  • Witch-"I never married."
  • Jake-"Yeah, it's not like I killed your husband or somethin'.
  • Witch-"I AM NOT MARRIED!"
  • Finn-"But, if he's in the right, we must be in-"
  • Finn-"And like you always say: work and fun don't mix..."
  • Jake-"...unless you're a clown. I do say that a lot."
  • Jake-"Yeah!! Ketchup is delicious and deceitful!

My Favorite Pages

My Snail Hunt

Episodes in which I have spotted the snail (starting from 16/4/12):
  • Conquest of Cuteness
  • Hitman
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