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*[[Prisoners of Love]]
*[[Prisoners of Love]]
*[[Tree Trunks (episode)|Tree Trunks]]
*[[Tree Trunks (episode)|Tree Trunks]]
*[[The Jiggler]]
*[[Memories of Boom Boom Mountain]]
*[[Memories of Boom Boom Mountain]]
*[[Ocean of Fear]]
*[[Ocean of Fear]]

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That's the opposite of a problem!


Hello, my name isn't Alexi Cographer. I am a high school student in year 9. I discovered the original short of adventure time around grade 4-5 and was thrilled that it became a proper show. I love Adventure Time and have fun watching through every series over and over again, learning how to draw the characters and trying to find the snail.

No, I do not upload my pictures of AT but I have added a decent collection of other things to the gallery. I want to find more people who watch it, as just about no one has any idea what AT is where I live.


Trying to establish which episode is my favourite.

Currently it is either What Have You Done or Another Way, probably the latter.

Favourite Quotes

  • Finn-"Shmowzow"
  • Finn-"What kinda meat is that?"
  • Jake-"That's Meat Man's meat!"
  • Finn-"Perpendicular"
  • Ice King-"I think I heard the word virile in there"
  • Shrub-"Huh, what are you sayin'? Globbit, glommit, who's glommit?"
  • Jake-"Dude, let's kill the horse."
  • Jake's Subconscious-"It is too hard to swim across the river. It's easier to wear a hat. Here, have a hat!"
  • Jake-"From now on I'm just your regular dog, ironic due to my current man-baby body."
  • Jake-"Listen Mrs. Witch."
  • Witch-"I never married."
  • Jake-"Yeah, it's not like I killed your husband or somethin'".
  • Witch-"I AM NOT MARRIED!"
  • Finn-"But, if he's in the right, we must be in-"
    File:O witch2.jpg


  • Finn-"And like you always say: work and fun don't mix..."
  • Jake-"...unless you're a clown. I do say that a lot."
  • Jake-"Yeah!! Ketchup is delicious and deceitful!
  • LSP-"Maybe he'll be a steaming hot babe with huge money."
  • Finn-"Aw shucks. He just can't control himself around pudding. He goes cocoa nuts for it."

Favourite Characters

  1. Jake
  2. Lumpy Space Princess
  3. Finn
  4. Princess Bubblegum
  5. Joshua
  6. Beemo
  7. Lady Rainicorn
  8. Hot Dog Princess
  9. Ice King

My Favorite Pages

My Snail Hunt

Episodes in which I have spotted the snail (starting from 16/4/12):

Season 1:
Season 2:
Season 3:
Season 4:

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