Want to find out what type of WikiFauna you are? Read on.

  • Do you make useful edits without attracting attention? You are a WikiGnome.
  • Do you frequently organize messy pages, improve style, or add color or graphics? You are a WikiFairy.
  • Do you make small edits most of the time and sometimes go on an editing rampage? You are a WikiOgre.
  • Do you make huge edits all the time, flooding recent changes? You are a WikiDragon.
  • Do you defend the wiki and fight vandalism? You are a WikiKnight.
  • Do you get other users to do work for you and help others work while you do practically nothing? You are a WikiImp.
  • Do you wander around the wiki, doing whatever work comes to you? You are a WikiMercernary.
  • Do you help the wiki with small edits and help newcomers, only snapping when people pick on the n00bs? You are a WikiOtter.
  • Do you attack newcomers? You are a WikiVampire.
  • Do you stalk talk pages and jump into discussions that don't involve you? You are a WikiJaguar.
  • Do you use the wiki for socializing, and never edit at all? You are a WikiPrincess.
  • Do you take dramatic ownership of articles? You are a WikiKing.
  • Do you try to drive people away from the wiki and are never supportive? You are a WikiReaper.
  • Do you never edit anymore, but are a highly respected member of the wiki? You are a WikiAngel.
  • Do you edit for your own enjoyment? You are a WikiSloth.
  • Do you try to pass your vandalism as correct material and lash out at your enemies? You are a WikiKraken.
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