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"Let's always be stupid. Forever!"

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—Finn the Human


Mysterious people don't talk about themselves. All you must know is that I freaking love Adventure Time. If you need any help on this wiki, ask.


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  • April 7, 2013: 4000th edit


LSP Typewriter2 This user is an avid Wiki Transcriber!

If there's one thing I hate, it's people who brag. ....Now here's a list of transcripts I've written for the AT Wiki in order of date created:

  1. In Your Footsteps/Transcript
  2. Conquest of Cuteness/Transcript
  3. Marceline's Closet/Transcript
  4. Dad's Dungeon/Transcript
  5. Ghost Princess (episode)/Transcript
  6. Hug Wolf/Transcript
  7. It Came from the Nightosphere/Transcript
  8. Power Animal/Transcript
  9. Beyond this Earthly Realm/Transcript
  10. Five Short Graybles/Transcript
  11. Gotcha!/Transcript
  12. Trouble in Lumpy Space/Transcript
  13. Rainy Day Daydream/Transcript
  14. Her Parents/Transcript
  15. Ricardio the Heart Guy/Transcript
  16. What is Life?/Transcript
  17. Card Wars/Transcript
  18. King Worm/Transcript
  19. Mortal Folly/Transcript
  20. Mortal Recoil/Transcript
  21. Holly Jolly Secrets Part I/Transcript
  22. Holly Jolly Secrets Part II/Transcript
  23. Lady & Peebles/Transcript
  24. Henchman/Transcript
  25. Donny (episode)/Transcript
  26. Susan Strong (episode)/Transcript
  27. The Real You/Transcript
  28. His Hero/Transcript
  29. I Remember You/Transcript
  30. Wizard (episode)/Transcript
  31. The Witch's Garden (episode)/Transcript

And more to come (to my dismay T_T). Or... maybe not, as my computer is screwed up now. I have a new computer. I may help with transcripts now, but it depends on my mood.

Are you a bad enough dude to write this many transcripts?

Smug Jake

Jake doesn't think so. PROVE JAKE WRONG! But seriously, please help make transcripts. ...They take like 90 minutes to write.

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