• I live in spring,Houston
  • I was born on September 2
  • My occupation is drawing,singing,sketching,and painting
  • I am female
S2e10 HatlessFinn longhair

This is Finn's first time taking his hat off in the episode To cut a woman's hair.

I'm a big fan of Adventure time!My favorite episodes are:Too young,To cut a woman's hair,adventure time with fionna and cake,beautopia,and Incendium.

My favorite pages

Finn and jake theme
  • my favorite wiki is adventure time wiki
  • my second favorite page Oh,Fionna
  • and my last favorite page is in adventure time's Fionna and cake.
  • Fiona and cake hug

    Fionna and cake hug

Fionna and cake theme

Fionna and Cake

Finn and Jake

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