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Hello fellow user!

If you came here from my blogposts, comments, screenshots, or other whatnots to seek information about me, here's a story.

I started using wikia since 2011, I started as an editor in an infamous facebook game wikia called Planet-That-Have-Many-Creatures. A year later, I visited this wiki to get more informations about Adventure Time, as I saw how crowded this chat was. This was the first wikia where I use the chat feature. It was always full and it's easy to get informations inside.

I live in South East Asia, that explained why I was mostly active in night time and really early in the morning in US timezone. Thus, I was promoted as a chat moderator to "mod" the chat from spammers when most of the mods are sleeping.

I befriended a lot of people, almost all of them are from different countries. It was really a rollercoaster ride, we used to videochat in Tinychat, watch movies together inside an online streaming service, wiki-date, had several drama, we even roleplay as characters and OC.

All of those were my childhood.

Time has passed and people started growing. They stopped coming, and some are just too busy to come or to chat. Now, the chat isn't the same like it used to be.

I'm really grateful that I had so much fun in this place, and I hope you, reader, felt the same way for this place.

Thank you for your time! I hope you enjoy your day!

If your name is mentioned below, you could read my messages for any of you. (link down below)

CHolt, Beemo, Ace, Oda, Mia, Ashe, Allie , Andrew, Musha, SweetsPrincess, Avery, Cody, SaberSworn, Meganunan, Yogurt Spill, Naudia.



Line ID: Botistaagung

Skype ID: Soldiersorder


Discord: Owl's Cloak#5817

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